Monday, June 12, 2017

The Alt-Right is A Ditch to Deceive

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A Skeleton Key to the Alt-Right
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Some would consider this an alt-right blog, but it's not. I know in it's earlier years, I did quote from some alt-right websites like The Economic Collapse and others before learning more. I railed about Communists maybe a bit too much but at least never had a fervor for the Capitalists like my IFB Republican church members. I also posted too much of the fake "fear factor" stuff, like Jade Helm. Hey none of us are perfect. The system manipulates at every level.

Sadly some websites I had hoped were sincere just became repeats of the same Christian Zionist, Republican message. Lately I want to barf seeing more what I thought were sincere websites going down the paved right or left road. One guy keeps praising that Pepe the frog [Kek] Trump garbage. I even saw one website, I don't want to track back to here, where they were proud their little frog meme was named after an Egyptian god. A lot of the alt-right basically is back-lash to extreme neo-liberalism and identity politics. They both stink.

Remember many years ago when I wrote they got every level owned? I meant it. Controlled opposition is everywhere. Alt-right is a lie. I even realized some websites I was reading like Zero Hedge, were "part of the alt-right" game" so to speak. I got banned from there years ago or they kept erasing my posts, the subject was economics that was being debated. Yeah I mean it when I say real sincere discernment and political websites, are few and far between.

For example we can remember the days when Alex Jones came out against both parties before steering his followers into the Trump alt-right camp. Some other examples of alt-right blogs and websites, include Glen Becks websites, Breitbart, News with Views, and many Christian-political websites.

                   [from info-wars, Britain is having it's own left vs right battles]

This is a secular article,but I think the author does a good job describing the alt-right and what it entails. The evangelical world in being steered to the right wing of the NWO adopted many of these ideologies and outlooks on life. These would include Authoritarianism, "might makes right" and the social darwinism as outlined in the article.

"In my opinion, the core principle that defines the alt-right is Social Darwinism. This ideology ties together several other often-noted features of the alt-right: racism, white supremacy, misogyny, extreme market libertarianism, disdain for democracy, authoritarianism, reactionary politics, and technophilia. From their Social Darwinist belief system flow all the other seemingly unrelated features."

 The focus on white privilege on the left is being used to divide the races, but there is definite full blown racism in full tilt coming from the other side too. He is correct about the race and IQ thing. All one has to do is visit alt-right websites that have gone into full racism to see that on display like American Renaissance and other alt-right websites, to know they actually debate IQ levels of different races and the lighter you are supposedly are, the smarter you are. Of course one sub-theme on these websites is blaming African Americans and other races for all the country's problems. Most call for more police state in responses to higher crime rates and make excuses for police brutality and shootings.

[the above from Taki magazine, oddly a hang out for both Jim Goad and Pat Buchanan ]

  While not all alt-right websites go into racism, some do.  Most seem to have used "The Bell Curve" as their reference book. Being poor by the way even for whites a la Charles Murray who wrote the book Coming Apart: the State of White America is connected to having lower IQs. His book would label me one of the lowest of the low according to income. Of course he ignores the fact college education doesn't guarantee making good money anymore for Generation X and below. If you have studied the history of eugenics, it didn't die with the Nazis, it remains alive and is slithering back out.

Misogyny, definitely is the alt-right tied to the Dominionism and patriarchy movement. The alt-right is a very male dominated place. Some of the Trumpkin alt-right websites even are connected to the so called "men's movement", these are men who talk about having "game" and rating women on scores by 'worth" and sexual attractiveness. Love seems a foregone conclusion as even getting women is a contest to men like that. I've read some of those websites and some of those men really hate women and see them all as promiscuous. One ironic thing is while they rant against foreigners, they tell other men to marry only women from third world countries who haven't been tainted by liberalism. Right vs. Left, Men vs. Women, Patriarchy vs. Feminism. It's more strife.

[Students for Liberty,a libertarian organization love Ayn Rand, notice how she directly contradicts the bible]

The extreme market libertarianism, is the worship of the so called "free market". I have called it a unicorn on this blog because it really doesn't exist. Ayn Rand preached total Social Darwinism. With the so called free market, they call it "free"but it costs money and connections to get in. Capitalism is lauded like a religion. This started in the McCarthy era with all the focus on the Communism, ignored is that both married long ago especially when the state is bailing out banks at tax payer cost to the tune of trillions of dollars. I used to go to some political message boards and that point always flew over a lot of heads. They just didn't understand what I was talking about. That said, the Ayn Rand worship on the alt-right got out of control long ago. Paul Ryan is the worse example.They truly deem the poor as deserving their poverty and deny the oppression of the uber-wealthy.

The alt-right are very authoritarian, and they envision a world where the richest and most powerful should be in charge, Why else did they elect a billionaire business man to be president? The authoritarianism is tied to a societal wide lack of mercy and police state, and is one reason America has one of the highest prison populations in the world. Everything is to be pounded down. A kid smokes a joint or another a crack pipe and they get 20 plus years in prison. There's no rehabilitation or mercy or understanding or alternatives offered just punishment.

Reactionary politics is summed up in one word: Reagan. He is like a god to the alt-right even though he got the whole trickle-down ball of lies going back in the 1980s.

The Social Darwinism leads the whole mess. What is social Darwinism? Human beings are supposed to be cast aside if they "fail", and nature should be allowed to take it's course for their destruction. No artificial props such as healthcare, or charity should be allowed to maintain them.

So·cial Dar·win·ism
  1. the theory that individuals, groups, and peoples are subject to the same Darwinian laws of natural selection as plants and animals. Now largely discredited, social Darwinism was advocated by Herbert Spencer and others in the late 19th and early 20th centuries and was used to justify political conservatism, imperialism, and racism and to discourage intervention and reform.

"They embrace an absolute “Might Makes Right” ethos. Any attempts at justice, fairness or solidarity are doomed to fail, they argue, because society is a constant, unremitting struggle of all against all, and always has been. Furthermore, they believe that this is a profoundly good thing! Not only is it a good thing, but we should strive to create as much of a “winner take all” society as we possibly can, because only such a society will Darwinian evolution be driven to the fullest extent. They believe that human nature is fundamentally competitive and acquisitive. Thus, they take capitalism as “natural” and anything else as “unnatural” and therefore “social engineering.”

Thus, the “free” market is not the best means to ensure prosperity for all, as the original market liberals claimed. Rather, suffering and death must be built into the system because only that allows it to act as an appropriate Darwinian winnowing mechanism permitting the “survival of the fittest.” And who are the “fittest?” Those who rise to the top and make the most money are the “fittest” in this system. And these are, inevitably, those with the highest IQ’s thanks to genetics (tying together economics and hereditarianism)."

Now ask yourself having read all this...and I'll get to my main point....

How many of these politics does the religious right support?

Why do so many evangelical churches support the Middle Eastern wars? Why is there sole focus on fighting the liberals? Why do they support right wing politicians? Why do they support "might makes right"? Why do they support an oppressive authoritarian system? Why do they praise the most powerful and rich? Why is everything couched in civilization vs. civilization while being in warrior mode?

[from The Economic collapse blog, actually the Republicans aren't doing us any favors either]

One thing I noticed about the alt-right is they ruled by FEAR. While I have warned of some bad things happening, and are happening now, I got tired of hearing about Armageddon  being shoved down my throat and other various happenings. Those who want total control rule by the twins of fear and punishment. Think about that, for a bit. 

 How many instead of following the Bible truly believe in "survival of the fittest" and how many among them who are comfortable in this world are proud of such a fact? Do you see how societal wide narcissism and growing lack of empathy helped to fuel the alt-right? Growing coldness and hardness are now celebrated in society. In fact one facet of the alt-right rooted in the authoritarianism is to be angry at those who are too emotional to tell the "snowflakes" they are weak.

We have a right wing sociopathic idealogy that has taken over this country. This isn't to excuse the evils of the left but see how they got people on either path now? See how this is adverse to the Christian gospel? Look at the pictures I interspersed between the paragraphs, I took snippets from alt-right websites.

James 3:17 But the wisdom that is from above is first pure, then peaceable, gentle, and easy to be intreated, full of mercy and good fruits, without partiality, and without hypocrisy.


Debra said...

BB, you said "The alt-right is a very male dominated place." Couldn't we say that the left is a feminist dominated place? It's all about the rights of a woman to kill babies. I believe as you do that it is all controlled opposition. They get everyone fighting with each other until the man of peace and lawlessness comes on the scene. He will bring all together under one philosophy...joined together with the false prophet. Why would they need to perform miracles? Probably for the sake of making people believe he is the only "god" they should worship and the only system on earth to be followed and obeyed. So now they bring chaos and want to bring order out of chaos. But it is not the type of order Jesus wants us to follow. They have made politics a religion and those who do not believe in politics of the left or right will be persecuted. I was asked if I was republican because someone was throwing a party for all republicans to celebrate the new fake president. That was my take on it. We don't worship America, nor are we suppose to take an oath or pledge allegiance to a flag. We are only to worship the Lord. What if that flag represented deception and lies? Now the Christian world has blindly accepted it all including fake pastors who have infiltrated and pose as Christians. We get persecuted for that as well.

Debra said...

I was looking at your older posts on world servers. Now it makes sense that Universities are sending college students to other parts of the world, even Christian colleges. One friend has two daughters and the first Christian college they visited was like bare bones. The tour guide person said most are now serving and learning in other countries, then proceeded to say how would you like to study abroad? The other daughter also toured a Christian UNIVERSity and they too said we get to study abroad. Why do they call them University...sounds like Universe and Diversity blended together. Does diversity really mean accepting a culture that is anti-Christ? Loving your neighbor is different than embracing laws that go against God's word.
So your sons or daughters are shipped out to other lands and your sons and daughters get shipped out to war. The family unit is fragmented along with the cultural lawlessness where no one has an identity from birth, you make it up along the way. The family structure is broken in pieces and Biblical foundations do not apply anymore. So the republicans have made it their motto for war and the democrats the killing of babies...but we can't forget democrats usher in their wars too. They both have to as they supply wealth to those who want more regardless of all the killings. NPD's manipulate their audience in any direction they want even though it is a repeat performance time and time again.

Debra said...

Forgot to add with the cost of tuition it creates a bigger separation between classes. Those who are able to afford college and those who cannot. Even with grants there is still a huge requirement to attend besides the loans they will accumulate.

So these world servers are expected to be educated and act like servants of a unified global society. As the new agers put it-they have been enlightened. Satanic tentacles are everywhere keeping its grasp upon the willing. Wikipedia: Octopus The soft body, with its lack of internal or external skeleton, can rapidly alter its shape, appearance and colour, enabling the octopus to squeeze through small gaps.

We see the altering of our laws, political parties reshaping their appearance so they can enter into small gaps left open like the breaches of Israel.

Ezekiel 13:5 Ye have not gone up into the gaps, neither made up the hedge for the house of Israel to stand in the battle in the day of the LORD.

Isaiah 22:9 Ye have seen also the breaches of the city of David, that they are many: and ye gathered together the waters of the lower pool.

Our society has made ways to further the gap so the octopus can squeeze into every earthly system destroying any evidence of Biblical principals. Another website states that an octopus can camouflage into the background with the same color, posture and texture to lure its prey. We see this in churches where pastors are not real pastors but Luciferians/Masons adapting themselves into the Christian culture as if they belong. Politically we see the same boasting "I am one of you", standing up for Republican values-no killing of babies. Sadly, I see no laws being passed to ban abortions, do you? I would think this would be first on the agenda, stopping the murdering of innocent children. So the U.S. wants to build an American empire but really do we? I think there is a system already in place and that ideology is a front for a well thought out plan that is already being carried out.

Revelation 13:1 And I stood upon the sand of the sea, and saw a beast rise up out of the sea, having seven heads and ten horns, and upon his horns ten crowns, and upon his heads the name of blasphemy.

Anonymous said...

The antichrist papacy has every "movement" covered. I've said in another thread how the whole "conspiracy" fad has its roots rom the John Birch society. Every head of the JBS has graduated from a Jesuit university. This is where we get our Ron Pauls and Alex Jones'. Then we have the council for National Policy which is how the Vatican controls the "Christian right" in America. The whole "crusade" mindset is straight from the RCC. It's the "church militant"......James

Anonymous said...

Hi BB,
I may be mistaken, but note hand position of the gentleman behind Trump's right shoulder. Photo is slightly clearer at original website.

Bible Believer said...

Sure debra, the right is the bad cop/masculine energy and the left is the good cop/feminine energy, I suppose this is part of the design to deceive. Right wing, is heavy on police state and left preaches phony freedom, usually a false plethora of choices focused on sexuality and lifestyle choices, not anything that may be a threat to the power structure.
I never liked paying verbal homage to a piece of cloth, it always bugged me, like there was idolatry. The Jehovah Witnesses, had a piece of truth about that.

That's interesting about the World Servers too, well think even the Christian churches are sending people overseas instead of doing charity closer to home. Those religious vacations cost a lot of money.
Sure there is a break down in community here, community here is dying while everyone is visiting the rest of the world. Funny thing is they don't even seem to realize even the churches will break down because everyone is a stranger to one another.

Sure NPDs gaslight both ends.

Sorry I have been gone a lot. Hope no one thinks I have abandoned the blog, sometimes get short on time.I am going through some spiritual stuff too.

Bible Believer said...

agree about the octupus, very little is spontaneous or truly independent anymore, I am in shock at how formalized EVERYTHING IS, and in every subculture too. Even the house churches are "managed" from above.