Sunday, October 30, 2016

Halloween is not accepted by Jesus Christ

It's that time of year again. It really bothered me to see a local church holding a "Hollow Him" even, that name gave me the creeps.  It's being used all over too now. Connecting Jesus to Halloween is absolutely wrong! What part of this is compromise do some do not get?

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Halloween is pagan

Jack Chick Has Died

I have used Jack Chick tracts to witness, though with time, I thought he co-mingled repentance as a requirement of salvation so disagreed with that, repentance comes as a result of salvation. There was also the obvious support for Christian Zionism which was one of thoseof the things I definitely parted ways with as the years went by. His tracts did help me as an unbeliever,  so there was that as a positive. I collected them as quirky works of art during my non-believer days and would go to this hipster bookstore in a huge metro city and buy bunches of them.

Jack Chick

Sunday, October 23, 2016

Lutherans and Catholics Joining Together

There's a lot of Lutheran churches where I live. Many are nice people and I know a lot of them. Some of the churches are charitable and offer community dinners to the poor.  There's one church where the people are so friendly, I'd probably go there, if  Lutheranism wasn't false. I've had discussions with Lutherans around here, they don't like how I view Catholicism and say Catholics are Christians too. Their belief in the church and it's sacraments are as strong as the Catholics.

 The Reformation brought the Word of God out of Latin into regular people's language and other truths, but sadly was compromised from the start with false teachers like Calvin and others. Luther never gave up some Catholic basics, which are infant baptism and sacraments while getting rid of some Catholic deceptions like indulgences, purgatory and confession to a priest. I've witnessed to a few Lutherans, but that can be tough, around here many were born into their 100 or more year old Lutheran churches, they see me as the heretic, especially for not being in a church.   Most Lutheran churches are joined with the papacy in different ecumenical organizations. WELS and a few smaller off-shoots are the only exceptions. WELS even teaches that the Pope is the Antichrist, which I have written about as my belief, and warns about the ecumenical movement but sadly the heritage of Catholicism remains in Lutheranism so they have not gotten fully away from what they accurately label as "antichrist".

                                              [picture source]

Today you see the Lutherans joining with the Pope. Even the truthful warnings of their founder have been ignored. Sadly there seems to be evidence Luther was an "insider" from the start. They had a big chocolate statue of Luther at this ceremony. It's kind of creepy because the chocolate looks red, everyone is donning yellow and blue scarfs with the yellow color representing the papacy. I do not think Luther if he was still present in this world would appreciate this gesture. He looks like he will be choked by the scarf and literally eating a statue of someone doesn't seem respectful to that person beyond the idolatry issues.  Most Lutherans see the Pope as a "great man" and see Catholics as fellow "Christians". Sadly many of these are misled people in grave error.  The Pope when he asks "Who is better?" is using manipulation. It is the usual "truth doesn't matter" message.

Lutheranism is watered down Catholicism with a few Christian truths thrown in. It does not surprise me unity with the Pope is coming so naturally to many of their churches.


Saturday, October 22, 2016

Kirk Cameron's Revive Us!

America's falling apart and people are going into poverty with no hope for the future in this world and crushed by bills. Moral decay is growing. Let's all vote Republican, yeah that will solve the problem! Lets run to our CFR and Bilderberg chosen politicians to help us with the economic ruin they caused! "Elect leaders who will represent the king's ways in our land". 

Let's bring all the politicians and "stars" together that help continue the "oppression". The talk of reviving nations is always bunk as if a nation in itself had a personality. When I hear the word "revival" I yawn and know I am about to be bamboozled, these calls for revival are like Amway meetings where motivational speakers get up on the stage to whip up emotions, to make a sale. "Tomorrow's going to be a different day". Notice the "family" idolatry theme. Hmm no Matt 10:35 "divisions" there. Let's revive things from the bottom all the way to the top? Well these are the false Christians who have no inkling the luciferians are running the place.  Kirk Cameron is a false teacher.

 The phrase "We are unstoppable" is just more "Christian" "triumphalism" and "dominionism". I can see why some unbelievers worry about the Republic of Gilead--Handmaiden's Tale style and theocracy watching claptrap like this. I suppose "the America as Christian nation" theme has not worn thin yet. Someone's still buying into this stuff.

The church in the second video sure looks "pyramidy" is that a word? How come they always fold the flag now where the stars are inverted to look like Pentagrams?

Is Modern Life Harder in Some Ways?

"While oppression, misery and suffering were very real in ancient times in many places, to dismiss all of human history as simply this is not only ignorant, it is just plain wrong. People in ancient times were not always miserable and suffering; in many, very real areas of life, they were far better off than people today.

People were not at the mercy of the machine; they worked outdoors in line with the seasons. They were embedded in webs of relationships with other people, as opposed to the alienated, urbanized existence we experience today. Most business was conducted face-to-face. They ate fresh, locally-grown food, often cultivated themselves, instead of the highly processed, nutritionally-barren food of today. We know that today's crushing work schedules and artificial light wreak havoc on the body's circadian rhythms, leading to a whole host of maladies. 

People did physical work, and yes, that could break down the body, but overall it ensured that people were healthier, both physically and mentally (no need for gyms). Chronic diseases, which are epidemic today--asthma, diabetes, autism, obesity--existed but were rather rare (yes, that includes cancer, too). People didn't get sick from breathing the air. The constant fear of your job going away, the constant jumping through educational and licensing hoops just to keep your job, and the "hustling existence" were unknown. Workers were not subject to the tyrannical "discipline" of modern labor. You generally worked alongside friends and family members with whom you broke bread, and drinking on the job was not a problem. The musical chairs game where you are constantly trying to get a leg up on the competition by working harder or trying to get more education than the next guy to get one of the constantly shrinking pool of jobs was not in evidence either. 

People were not subjected to 2,000 advertisements a day preying on their insecurities just to get them to buy more. They walked everywhere instead of driving--no "commuting" to jobs, which would have made no sense (and still doesn't). They lived in large, extended families, something we know is associated with better health and well-being (The "Roseto Effect"). Children were generally cared for by their mothers and received attention from their parents unavailable to most children today.

Now, to be clear, this is not to say everything was a paradise. For many people post-Neolithic revolution, getting sufficient calories was often very difficult. Famines were horrific when they did occur; there are reliable reports of thriving markets for human flesh in ancient China, for example, just to stave off starvation. Class systems and hierarchies were unfair and rigid. War and conflict, primarily over land, was frequent post-agriculture"

I saw this posted on a Reddit board, forget which one, it makes one thing about this modern life compared to life in the ancient world. I also think about that bible prophecy about our times....

Daniel 12:4 But thou, O Daniel, shut up the words, and seal the book, even to the time of the end: many shall run to and fro, and knowledge shall be increased.

Cover Girl Pushes the Transgendered Agenda

The social engineering for transgenderism continues. One notices they are taking things beyond the "binary" as liberals call it, "gay vs. straight". So now there is a Cover Girl wearing "boy".  He will confuse others. He does have strange eyes.

I don't wear makeup myself, I don't judge women who do and am not legalistic about it but it is a personal choice for me, and just another expense and trouble I want spared. Otherwise I may write, I am boycotting Cover Girl.
Jer.30 And when thou art spoiled, what wilt thou do? Though thou clothest thyself with crimson, though thou deckest thee with ornaments of gold, though thou rentest thy face with painting, in vain shalt thou make thyself fair; thy lovers will despise thee, they will seek thy life.

 The Bible does warn about those who "paint" their face in the context of warning about harlot Israel, and 1 Timothy 2: 9-19 speaks of women adorning themselves modestly. There definitely is major social engineering to make young men more effeminate. I suppose once all the men are "girly-girl" and worried about shoes, make-up, looks and shallow pursuits, they won't care about issues like freedom and honor.  This also speaks to the transgenderism and New Age Androgyny.

Friday, October 14, 2016

They All Work Together

Sources for above pictures in the links below.....

I know many here make the choice not to vote. Some people think third parties are the way out. I may choose to vote on local elections, but here is an area where you have to follow your conscience. This is the nastiest most wicked election, this country has seen. Remember the show has a reason, it was planned that way.  Whoever will win was "selected".

More Christians are removing themselves from politics but our politics have sunk to a new low, showing a country in horrific moral and utter cultural collapse. We basically have sociopath vs. sociopaths. Clinton has become scandal and corruption Teflon, I think she could be captured on video stabbing someone to death on national TV and they'd still keep her as a running candidate while making excuses for her behavior. Many conspiracists have talked about the Clinton Death List, and suspicious deaths that seem to happen to political enemies of the Clintons. There's still duped millions supporting her.

People are being desensitized against outrage and standing against evil. Our politicians can show their dark hearts and evil works openly now. The Clintons have made this so.  They don't even have to pretend to "be good" anymore. Nixon had to resign for far less. The wicked preachers will still teach Romans 13 and "obeying" world authorities instead of heavenly authorities. Aren't their words even more sickening now? If one preached that now, maybe some of us would laugh.

Be careful when it comes to high level third party candidates though.  Thinking they are the real deal can be a mistake. That Gary Johnson fellow supports the same freedom and economy destroying trade deals like NAFTA and then we have Jill Stein. I was reading political boards online and found pictures online of Jill Stein having dinner with Putin, and a Trump election advisor. It didn't shock me, but it was rather surprising.

One interesting quote, found on the Reddit politics board.

What if I told you that both the 3rd party candidate trying to siphon away votes from the Democratic presidential candidate, as well as the top military advisor for the Republican Party presidential candidate not only attended - but sat at the same table - while Vladimir Putin gave a speech for the 10 year anniversary gala celebration of his personal propaganda TV network - a network that hosted a Julian Assange TV show in 2012.
Then what if I told you that Russian government hackers were the prime suspects of a hack into Democratic National Committee e-mail servers - whose emails were then leaked to Julian Assange's Wikileaks organization and released days before the Democratic National Convention?
Then what if I told you that the Republican candidate AND his military advisor were both openly critical of NATO throughout his campaign, and, oh yeah, the Republican candidate's campaign manager just happened to be a personal political advisor to the pro-Russian puppet former President of Ukraine?
OH and THEN what if I told you that the 3rd Party candidate hosted a live-feed speech of Assange on the same day that she accepts her party nomination and calls Assange a "hero", even as he threatens to release more leaked e-mails during the election?
Would you think this was something out of a movie?
then I saw this...

Putin-Trump-Stein dynamic is not an accident.
These three work together.
Trump works for Putin. Stein also works for Putin; her role is to siphon off enough votes from Hillary to help Trump win. The same way Nader helped Bush win over Gore in 2000.
The dynamic may have started accidentally but it is no longer so.
Here is Putin at dinner table with Trump advisor Gen Flynn and Jill Stein.
Here is another photo of the same event.

 I don't know if a Trump win is planned or not. I have not decided whose a pasty for who. I do believe they are all working together. The debates seem scripted, the lines too perfectly written. The powers that be have used this election to definitely make the formerly unacceptable, acceptable. The whole thing has been run like a movie. Psych-Op city now with evil clowns included.

 If the votes were counted and they counted Middle America's vote, I think Trump would win right now no matter the media's exposures on him. I know many people who plan to vote third party because they despise both candidates. Who will that serve more?

The alt-right websites, are pushing the meme of impending World War III with Russia.  For some reason they want their people far more afraid, while the leftist websites remain brainwashed in the "everything's just fine" dream. It's all over the place. All war protestors have been neutralized and driven underground.  Our troubles with Russia are not in the mainstream news that much. I had to work hard to find news reports of what is going on. I am not sure yet what to think. We are seeing "rumors" of wars for ourselves but obviously real war is a concern as well. I put nothing past Luciferians, many people in America do not see war coming here as a possibility, I remind them of 50 million dead in WWII, when they tell me things like, "Oh they never would let that happen." In my case WWII haunted me personally with in laws who lived through it and paid a huge price.

It may be hard now to figuring out what is going on. The populace seems uninterested in what is happening with Russia, and are caught up in this distraction of an election.  While Jill Stein is correct on some issues in the second video, about the endless neo-con wars and outsourcing of jobs, Russia, this election cycle seems really involved with our election which should make us wonder WHAT IS GOING ON?

Do any of you find it odd, that one side of our politicians are ready to go to war with Russia, and some on the other side have met with Putin and think he's the best thing since sliced bread? Is it ironic to you, that in this case a leftist not one of those Putin praising Republicans is gung-ho to meet with Putin?

One can tell a wedge is being done, a divide in the USA so to speak, where some are enemies and some are not. 

Thursday, October 13, 2016

BBC Does A Show on America's Hate Preachers

Preachers in America have gotten famous for "hate". Of course many Christians will be called haters for making stands on Christian doctrine and against sin, but we know a lot of this reputation has been earned by some who seem focused on anger, and railing against the sinners instead of trying to save the sinners.

  My video is acting up on my computer, so I will warn I haven't watched this yet, but I am going to post it and add more commentary later for those who want to watch. We know that Christianity is often the subject of ridicule and derision, but some of the preachers out there definitely aren't helping with their antics.

Too Many Freemasons Who Aren't Warned

There seems to be more freemasons now. I took a picture of one symbol decal someone had on their car in the parking lot because I never had saw it before.  It was another symbol right next to the classic "G" and compass and square which I thought had a cross in it, my long distant vision isn't so good, and a rope in circle around it.  It turned out not to be a cross but something else. Hope the guy did not see me. Pray he didn't.  I wasn't trying to be rude. This is where intellectual curiosity can get me in trouble. I won't do that again. It is not illegal to take pictures of decals or bumper stickers, they are on public display but I have to consider safety issues.

 I took too much of a risk there, wanting to learn what a new symbol was. He had his jacket on when he came out to his car with a two foot compass and square right on the back so it wasn't like he wasn't already displaying masonic ties to the entire world.  This symbol had a cross on it. I was as taken aback as when I saw the Southern Baptist minister with a freemasonic ring. I have noticed many "out" and very proud freemasons, some are different races. I dare say freemasonry at least where I live is having a resurgence. Has anyone noticed that?

Around here there are a lot of freemasons, the only time I witnessed to a freemason was someone long ago I knew who was in Demolay. They did not get saved. The churches never warn freemasons. I have never heard one pastor in my entire life warn "members of the lodge" to step away from freemasory or to warn that it was incompatible with Christianity. The lower members don't know the real deal with freemasory.  You'd think some sincere pastors in more conservative churches would warn their congregations but they never do.

Many in lower level groups believe wrongly that freemasonry is compatible with Christianity. They join these groups looking for a "good" fraternal and other organization that does much charity and to have social and professional ties.

Witnessing to Masons

Saturday, October 8, 2016

Only Skinny Metrosexuals Wanted....

Church Requirements for a Worship Leader

"New Creation Church in Hillsboro recently found itself at the center of a controversy when guidelines posted on its website for people seeking to join the "worship team" were posted on Facebook.
Among the requirements for the group of churchgoers who help lead the congregation in songs during services at the non-denominational evangelical church? "No excessive weight."
"Weight is something that many people have to deal with," reads the instructions for would-be worship team members. "Make sure that you are taking care of your temple, exercising and eating properly."
Ponder Anew, a blog about faith, reports that the document was posted on Facebook by "Stuff Christian Culture Likes," where it received enough negative feedback that it was removed from the church's website. But a PDF of the worship team guidelines has been preserved online.
Other points in the list that commenters find objectionable include:
  • "A submissive attitude is very important among the worship team members. Speaking against the leadership will not be tolerated."
  • "Smoking, use of narcotics or alcohol, swearing, illicit sexual behavior and ongoing family problems are not acceptable in a music minister's life and will not be tolerated."
  • "Bodies must be clean and use of effective deodorant is essential to positive interpersonal relationships."
  • "Remember that the way we look is of utmost importance. We are the first thing the congregation sees. People do judge by appearance. We never get a second chance to  make that first impression. Please be sure that your style and clothing bring honor and glory to God, isn't excessive and doesn't draw unnecessary attention to yourself." 
The requirement that bothers me the most is the one that demands a submissive attitude. Is that why so many of those worship leaders look effeminate? In church constitutions, there's rules for no one to gossip and other nonsense such as not speaking against the leaders, but a requirement to be a "submissive" seems a bit extreme. That one should bother people more then the shallow appearance rules. Well most of these worship leaders are entertainment specialists for the mega-churches, there's no such thing as a worship leader in the bible.

The focus on looks too, shows you the mandates of our shallow culture. It is also against the bible that tells us beauty is vain. I always wondered before if they had certain requirements for worship leaders in these churches, they always were young, thin and had a standard level of attractiveness. I guess the narcissistic pastors don't want any 'he-men" either stealing their thunder so you see the rules for a "submissive" attitude.

A Society Without God: "The Demoralized Mind"

The Demoralized Mind

Human culture has mutated into a sociopathic marketing machine dominated by economic priorities and psychological manipulation. Never before has a cultural system inculcated its followers to suppress so much of their humanity. Leading this hostile takeover of the collective psyche are increasingly sophisticated propaganda and misinformation industries that traffic the illusion of consumer happiness by wildly amplifying our expectations of the material world. Today’s consumers are by far the most propagandized people in history. The relentless and repetitive effect is highly hypnotic, diminishing critical faculties, reducing one’s sense of self, and transforming commercial unreality into a surrogate for meaning and purpose.

 As it is absorbed, consumer culture imposes numerous influences that weaken personality structures, undermine coping and lay the groundwork for eventual demoralization. Its driving features – individualism, materialism, hyper-competition, greed, over-complication, overwork, hurriedness and debt – all correlate negatively with psychological health and/or social wellbeing. The level of intimacy, trust and true friendship in people’s lives has plummeted. Sources of wisdom, social and community support, spiritual comfort, intellectual growth and life education have dried up. Passivity and choice have displaced creativity and mastery. Resilience traits such as patience, restraint and fortitude have given way to short attention spans, over-indulgence and a masturbatory approach to life. 

Even many non-believers see that this society is headed down the chute. If one thinks about what is being done to people on a multitude of levels even beyond the false religion or irreligious brainwashing it can be overwhelming. The greed and commodification of human beings has hit new extremes. 

I am deeply concerned even about the recent acceptability of World War III to our insane leaders and a populace so dumbed down and numbed out, they don't even care about those discussions. Even if its just "rumors of war" or discussion for Trump votes, the fact no one seems to care is scary.  Just the mere fact of this discussion being on the table tells you something has gone very wrong with our society.

Even Bible Study Isn't Safe

Be careful like me in trying to attend even a non-pastor led Bible study. I chose a "more conservative" church but was wrong about it's affiliations. I never would go to services there but figured maybe I will try a non-pastor led  women's Bible study. I went twice but won't be going back. Sometimes I had the thought of having open and free conversation with people and seeing where things go, but that's limited. Maybe I don't have the social skills to pull this off, kind of like doing a "rescue mission".  It has alarmed me how very much the thinking matches everywhere I go.

You know there will be trouble when you are discussing the book of Acts, and the Holy Spirit, and I said something very mild in the discussion, "I was saved and the Holy Spirit changed things for me right away, I could understand God's Word and it was wonderful and I left the Catholic church very soon after." [paraphrasing my words here].  I didn't want to offend anyone. My main point was to address the Holy Spirit changing someone's life.

This was a church that taught salvation by faith, not a liturgical one, but they all looked at me like I told them I murdered someone when I said "I left the Catholic church". 

The group leader responded immediately to shut me up....

"We don't put down other denominations here."

"Catholics worship God too"

and then another lady responded....

"I brought my Catholic parents to salvation, and I go to Mass with them. Vinegar doesn't win anyone over! I now attend Mass with my parents."

I then said,

"Catholicism teaches another jesus and another gospel". I told the "vinegar" lady "We will not agree here."

 I had 18 pair of eyes looking at me with anger. I didn't back down but I felt like I would be wasting my time to go any further. Be careful if you get any bright ideas like me out of a hankering to try and deal with and solve extreme social isolation. The pod people and one world religion people have taken over everywhere.

Some time later, I went to the bathroom and came back into the room hearing, "All denominations are to be respected".  They were outraged and discussing my breaking of "social ecumenical rules".  Remember I did not say, "The Pope is Antichrist" or "Kneeling in front of the wafer/Eucharist is idolatry". I made one simple statement of leaving a church. My husband told me, he was shocked at their level of ire over such an innocent statement. He laughed and said to me, "Imagine what they'd be saying if they saw your blog." He understood when I told him, "I can't go back."

I had the weird thought if these people saw the blog I wrote, they would lose it. Sometimes it is scary out there, it really is. As a Christian you will make enemies and be "hated" just being you. Even the most mild statements will bring anger. No even the non-pastor led Bible studies even given to a variety of people are not safe. The local IFB I left never had one bible study, where it was people having an actual discussion. I do live in a spiritual wasteland here.  We have discussed moving for years but have not been given a way out yet or even more important shown where to go or given the means to go. I am praying even more fervent prayers to God about where to go.

I was led out of the Catholic church within days of being born again. I do not think people who accept Catholicism are saved. A few may be legitimately ignorant but God will know who they are.  I know some will say maybe you got too open and free in sharing but better I know early on then later.

I already said no to attending a "community bible study" that I know promotes the ecumenical message. I know a local Catholic lady who attends that, I can tell they aren't teaching her much, since she still is very happy to remain Catholic. I have directly witnessed the gospel of grace to that lady and she knows why and how I left. She has smiled and told me she plans to stay Catholic but my conscience is clear. I of course turned down Alpha and other Bible studies I know are false.

Yes sometimes I do question myself to end up in this position. Yes I can see how easily people could compromise. People do it not to be alone. People want friends and people to talk to. The conformity has GROWN. Yes, I will say that and it's getting worse. Independent thinkers are rare.

Those biblical warnings about being hated are to be taken SERIOUS.  It can be very hard. I am sure my readers here will understand why I left never to go back. I didn't feel there was any chance of changing minds either. Perhaps God would use someone to go in and deliver truth but I felt there was no doing that there.

Monday, October 3, 2016

Pizza Hut is Illuminati Commercial

Remember what I wrote about the mainstreaming of conspiracy theories? Hearing the word Illuminati on a Pizza Hut commercial was weird when I saw this commercial myself last night. They always pound on the "moon landings being fake" thing to try and label people as "crazy" who would dare question such a thing. I ate at a Pizza Hut recently for the first time in something like 8 years, I usually will pick Mom and Pop places but it was a Sunday afternoon and everything else was closed. Now I will be rethinking that.

Saturday, October 1, 2016

Arch of Baal Went Up In NYC

Temple of Baal to Come to Times Square

This one looks like a reproduction. It's still a bad sign.

Judges 2:13 And they forsook the LORD, and served Baal and Ashtaroth.

Dr. Oz Promotes the RFID Implant [Mark of the Beast]

Dr. Oz Promotes RFID Implant

This is a definite promotion of the RFID implant, this is basically an advertisement. I tried to embed the video but was unable to. It is ironic near the end how the announcer says the chip will save your life, when we know it will lead you to lose your soul.

Never Receive The Mark of the Beast