Friday, September 30, 2016

Conspiracy Theories Got Co-Opted, Now Warning About Globalism

Globalism is Antichrist and Demonic

This is a bit surprising to see on the Christian Post website.

Remember when I wrote the other week in the Alex Jones vs. Hillary article,  that conspiracy theories got co-opted, now it's warning about globalism.

I've warned about globalism on this blog for the past six years.

Is a global financial reset going to be based in promoting it as the new "anti-globalist" "alternative"?

The Global Economic Reset [BRICS etc]

It's All Idolatry

It's all idolatry.

Deut. 4:28

Monday, September 19, 2016

Church Performs Pokemon Theme Song

 This is scary considering the "teachings" of Pokemon with it's "pocket monsters". This almost out does the parody from a few posts ago.

Sunday, September 18, 2016

Washington-Moscow Tensions Rising: Emergency UN Security Council Yesterday

Usually it's serious business when they are calling Emergency UN security councils. According to Wikipedia, there's been 10 in our history. This latest one hasn't been added yet.

"Endangering a U.S.-Russian brokered ceasefire and prompting an emergency U.N. Security Council meeting as tensions between Moscow and Washington escalated, U.S.-led coalition air strikes reportedly killed dozens of Syrian soldiers on Saturday.
After Russia informed it that Syrian military personnel and vehicles may have been hit, the United States military said the coalition stopped the attacks against what it had believed to be Islamic State positions in northeast Syria.
A senior Obama administration official said in an emailed statement, the United States relayed its "regret" through the Russian government for what it described as the unintentional loss of life of Syrian forces in the strike.
After Russia demanded an emergency session to discuss the incident and accused the United States of jeopardizing the Syria deal, the 15-member Security Council met on Saturday night."

I saw some websites discussing this yesterday,  I didn't see much on mainstream news. You know our insane politicians are playing footsie with war with Russia.  Samantha Powers seems like she doesn't care about the seriousness of all this. Hey people in America haven't even been able to keep track of who you are fighting or not fighting.  We don't want war with Russia. Some of them seem eager for mushroom clouds to dot the landscape. We are sick of endless wars, but none of these leaders have listened. Confusion reigns supreme.  Isis used to be the enemy. None of what she says makes sense. This only gives more credence to this theory.

Some of them are trying as hard as they can to start World War III.  Some people online said this was as bad as the Cuban Missile Crisis. Funny how it was barely in the news. It was but they weren't emphasizing it. We need to pray. We are being led by madmen. The neo-con experiments are leading to many possible bad ends.  Was this event a possible diversion from the news? Most Americans seem unaware of how close to war we are. 

I had a very unsettling moment yesterday, two fighter jets flew over where I live, they were very low and so loud I thought my hearing aids were going to explode. We were walking outside of where we live when I heard them. My husband saw two of them. Why did that worry me? We never have fighter jets in this area and live far away from any military bases.  I even went to google if there were air shows 100 miles away, but there wasn't any with military air craft. Did anyone else notice anything like this yesterday?

With Hillary as President 'We are Looking at Nuclear War With Russia or China'

These leaders playing games with Russia are taking huge risks with all of our lives.  No, the other side isn't to be trusted either.  Is this to get people to vote for Trump to be our savior against war-mad Democrats? All the neo-cons support Hillary.  Both sides are all war-mad behind the scenes. They have simply made the world a much more dangerous place.  Remember Syria was on the globalist list long ago, and next is Iran.  I wish we had leaders who cared about the United States instead of war-mad wicked globalists in charge.

War with Syria?

Putin and Russia

 James 4King James Version (KJV)

4 From whence come wars and fightings among you? come they not hence, even of your lusts that war in your members?

2 Ye lust, and have not: ye kill, and desire to have, and cannot obtain: ye fight and war, yet ye have not, because ye ask not.

"The New Country"

Ever wonder why China isn't told they have to become "multicultural"?

Ever wonder why Japan isn't told they have to become "multicultural"?

Ever wonder why Ghana isn't told they have to become "multicultural"? [where whites and Asians would move in?]

Asian for Asians, Africa for Africans, and Europe and America for everyone else?

Remember when I wrote immigration was being used as a weapon by the NWO?

The New World Order's Use of Immigration

One can tell they want certain cultures and peoples wiped away.

I think all human beings should be treated decently, and if we meet immigrants we are to treat them as Jesus would treat a person but there is a definitely something going on where some countries, they do want them taken over by immigration for some greater agenda.  Some may shout xenophobe at this, but isn't it racist to want to see some cultures ended?

Immigration is directly impacting my life. All of India seems to be moving to my town as one local mega-corporation is going H1-B crazy.  They are nice people don't get me wrong but many  native born Americans both black and white here are unemployed or underemployed.  My husband hasn't had a normal job in 9 years. He freelances but it's nowhere near normal pay. It's weird how they can go places for more opportunities, and Americans cannot. It feels weird to see immigrants doing far better then many Americans.

We sure have a lot of people out by the highway with "will work for food" signs. Problem is where can broke Americans go for better opportunities? No one wants us. If you are a millionaire or a young person who can handle a third world nation to teach "English" sure you may be able to go somewhere else.

I grew up with Vietnamese immigrants as my best friends. My husband is the son of European immigrants who are deceased, I believe immigration has it's place.  Something is different when immigration populations are allowed to overtake an entire country and dilute it's culture and take jobs away from the citizens who were there in the first place.  This propaganda piece telling Swedish people, "We are taking over, and tough beans!" is scary.  It is telling them they have to assimilate to the immigrants not the other way around. What else does "new country" imply?

I know Trump is claiming to do something about immigration but I don't believe him. He is merely riding the wave of outraged Americans. Problem is even there most are ignoring the real picture, of how immigration is used by the powers that be. 

This video came out too recently:

Her "hijab" isn't even covering her hair which defeats the purpose as far as the cultural reasons for wearing a hijab in the Middle East.  So now Germans are being told to dress like other people now too? Why? These are all social engineering videos.

Parody of Our Modern Church Service

This is a bit old, but I think it would still apply. I visited some churches like this.

Monday, September 12, 2016

"Clinton VP pick Tim Kaine is Pope Francis' Jesuit puppet"

What's With Hillary?

Whats with Hillary? She was filmed "fainting" or having a Parkinson's episode getting into a van. With some, the lust for power is so great even their own bad health won't keep them from the campaign. She may just want to be elected as the first women president but doesn't really want to do the job. They may already know she is sick so the plan will be for her to step down or be incapacitated for the "real choice" as Jesuit Tim Kaine. Even then Trump may benefit. Who knows? Anyhow there's a lot of secrets, would be fakery and lies, her head looks weird in this video.

Why does she or her decoy come back to say "I'm feeling great!", and who would do that with pneumonia which they now claim she has? Someone with pneumonia would be calling it a day and staying in bed. She isn't worried about passing it on to that little girl? Most 68 year olds would be taken to the hospital at the very least.

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Mark Zuckerberg Meets the Pope

Are those more interesting hand shakes? The pointed index finger means something. Anyhow this is not a good development. The gift he gave him of a drone is weird too, like backing up the surveillance state? "Taking the internet to rural areas"? I use the internet obviously since I am here talking to all of you, but I can see the problems with the internet. I see it's future of complete control and Revelation 13 implications of "buying and selling".

I have a Facebook account, I know it's kind of a scary admission to make. I'm embarrassed to admit it. In my particular case, I don't care what Facebook finds out. Because of this blog, I was sent enough "trojan horses", they already dug up whatever boring dirt there was to find on me. The one betrayer who later went on about "curses" constantly under the guise of being a concerned and "real" Christian friend probably was on an information hunt too.

Outside the PMs to friends, I have decided to curtail more of my participation there recently and even there, I am telling them I want to take things more to email.  I feel like the place is influencing my life in a negative way. My life has become "too virtual" as it is. I need to get a "real" life, but those seem harder to find. If I was in good health, I do think I'd move to some very old fashioned area, where there was less dependence on social media and the rest.

Regarding my own Facebook account, I have asked myself "What was I thinking?", it does predate this blog. Being seriously hearing impaired, my difficulty using the phone not being able to hear all voices gave me more motivation to be there,  to communicate with friends who are all long distance and network and do research for one of my rare health conditions but I have my serious regrets and reservations. If you have managed to stay away keep at it, but if you have an account, be careful on there.

I have been able to research things on Facebook for this blog but more and more I have regretted my involvement. For some odd reason, my life ended up being one devoid of in real life people and where everyone is far away and where the majority of my social interaction came via the internet--this can happen to chronically disabled people.  We get shunted into this social no-man's land.  I have used Facebook to witness, and to warn of things I do here, it informed me of that "awakening" trend and all those Jesuit masks, though I obviously keep my real identity separate from this blog. Be very cautious on Facebook "conspiracy" boards and even the few "Christian Truther" places there are, they do the usual of telling some truths and introducing a few deceptions. The controlled opposition rules apply there too.

One thing I have noted however is Facebook is being used for more social conformity pushing people even harder into "group think" via demographic influences. I have seen its effect on people. I have avoided these effects but I see it happening all over the place. People want to be noticed, liked and 'deemed acceptable to others'. They want to show themselves for human status and wanting people to like them and these are things that can bring departure from God and an authenticity in life.
Years ago people keeping up with the Joneses just saw the new car in the driveway, they didn't see vacations, trips, political opinions and list of friends and career contacts.

I notice how all the "LIKING" buttons make people want to have people see them as acceptable people with the "right opinions". By the way I got dumped by dozens of people for unwanted Christian views. I am not one of those people with a thousand friends on there.

Also people are not talking to each other and even the nature of "friendship" seems to have changed. I guess I sound like an old woman when I post things like this, but "friendship" too seems to have become just another status symbol with the numbers of friends being the most important. People don't meet in person anymore, even if you live local, it seems easier for people just to communicate by the screen. I feel odd dreaming of an earlier time in life where relationships seemed more spontaneous and real. It's like a mourning.

I had a weird moment the other day too, when I saw some friends posting pictures of themselves hugging each other, they were visiting a family member in the hospital. These are very nice people, I am not super close to them but they are people I know in my community. They were smiling hugging a sick sister in a hospital bed, everyone looking at the camera. A few videos were made. I had a weird thought, "Well if you are there to visit each other, why is the camera and videos so important where everyone is looking outward?" I hope people here understand what I mean. These are some of the subtle things I am talking about.

I thought well memories are being made, but it seems odd to me this importance of people taking pictures to show how many friends they have and how "close" they are to one another. It is like they are putting their social and family connections on display as a sort of virtue signaling. Yes I know I am strange having thoughts like this. Remember that vainglory article I wrote, and the one about the Duggars too?  Family, children and possessions have become "things" trophies to brag of. To the seared and what psychologists would refer to as narcissists, other people are "objects". They become "objects" to brag of same as the consumerist society made shopping a status contest.

I once said to my husband, I don't want the internet with me everywhere I go. Neither of us have ever owned a smart phone though I have had a couple very cheap cellphones with just calling capability. I want to be "left alone" and not in the "net" so to speak. He feels the same way. While we can use a basic computer and laptop, technologically we are way behind. I have held and handled a few friend's smart phones and been unable to use them.

People all over Facebook willingly track where they are and where they go. Most of the people online now are on their smart phones. Their entire lives are documented. I don't want to be a hypocrite here as I obviously have documented life on blogs but something seems odd about all of it. Do we have to "document" life to have lived it? Some may think I am getting off the topic here but it's something I am thinking about. What are the spiritual ramifications with all this?

Facebook I think is more then just a surveillance spot but an social engineering spot as well and it's socially engineering people like crazy. This is being done religiously with the false Christians, promoting their "best life" and positive thinking theologies all over place and even good old fashioned "peer pressure" to get people in line. Today if you have the "wrong" opinions, that like button will not be pressed and you will find a dozen people "unfriending" you. 

So it's creepy that Zuckerberg met with the Pope.

Why the Pope Met with So Many Tech CEOs

Sunday, September 4, 2016

Mother Teresa Declared a Saint

The Catholic church used to take longer to name their saints. I of course do not believe she was a saint, not at all. She was a giant money-maker for them as she had beggars denied modern medical care, sleeping on mats on the floor, and a religious celebrity. She advanced a false gospel of suffering and became a false icon.

Mother Teresa

The "Burners" Themselves Admit Burning Man is Based on Babylonian Magick

I got in some social trouble for protesting Burning Man, I may have no friends left considering my religious beliefs. Sometimes it's hard to drop topics, I don't want to fight the entire world but many people see Burning Man as this "fun art fest" and if you question it, you are not an "open minded", "tolerant" person. Burning Man is so full of the occult, it's not funny. It is Satanic to the core. The "burners" themselves admit it is an "occult", "magical ritual". I keep meeting non-believers who tell me there is nothing wrong with the occult. They embrace it. They see it as something good.  "Occult only means wisdom", I had one tell me. This is something new in society where the mainstays of "alternative religion" have sold themselves into the mainstream.

"The Magical Symbols Have Been Displayed The Occult Ritual Can Commence"

"The whole concept of Burning Man is modelled on Ancient Babylonian Magick called the Rites of Eleusis. Using a combination of magic mushrooms and LSD, which was synthesized from a bread fungus, the wealthy elites of olden times were able to control the entire population of their cities. This stuff has worked for thousands of years, and Burning Man is the latest and greatest incantation and incarnation of it."

From the same blog, they admit the art projects and installation sculptures are done with "magic" in mind.

Keep scrolling and make sure you see the part titled "The Cremation of the Crop". The article goes on to compare the Bohemian Grove ceremonies with Burning Man ones. There obviously is a dark spiritual overlap there.

"When you burn The Man, you don’t become one with it, anymore than burning an Owl at Bohemian Grove removes care from the world – or from these participants. It’s an excuse for a party, but it’s also a mass ceremonial ritual, symbolizing The Man as being between the people suffering physically in the dust, and The Gods, towering above them with the power of shock and awe. We look up to it on a pedestal, with a fire so hot capturing all our energies, that if we get too close to it we could burn. The power to kill, and we are powerless against that. The only thing we can do is respect its power, and be humbled by how great The Man is. Before everyone goes back to their lives, working for The Man. Obeying all the rules of The Man.

Why can they burn Care at the Grove? Because they are the owners of The Man. The ones building the hives to control us like to go to Burning Man. Bohemian Grove is for the owners of the hives like Google and Facebook and Apple that we’re all glued into – and the ancient bloodline families that own them. Many Grovers also attend Burning Man, and have from very early on in the event’s history.

The conceptual structure of the Burning Man is ritual. Rather than “Dull Care”, their idol is called “The Man”. When they burn the Man at Burning Man, they are celebrating their freedom and independence. Free to be who they want to be and do what they want, without the expectations and pressures and responsibilities of “The Default World”. In fact, The Man is reprogramming their minds with lessons and impressions that it wants them to return to the Default World with, and spread out to those around them.

At Bohemian Grove, when they burn Care, the captains of industry and government and academia and the arts, the Generals of The Man, can forget about their responsibilities and just party for a bit. This occult ritual goes back to the Cult of Dionysus, also known as Bacchus. The Dionysian mysteries combined ritual, costume, repetition of phrases, rhythmic beats and music, smoke, lighting effects, fire, intoxication, hallucination. The whole society were expected to participate in the Mysteries at some point, even slaves. Over time, as religious oppression pushed the so-called “Pagan” religions underground into secret societies, the selection of candidates to indoctrinate became more strategic. Over time, the ancient orders became more exclusive and powerful. Their focus on being male-only removed them from the need to deal with issues of primogeniture – hereditary title. A Man would be chosen based on the judgement of other men. The Society would hold the wealth and continue the man’s power after he died, because by replacing a Man’s place within the secret society, replacing his larger position in the outside world became a fait accompli.

Rites of Eleusis

Revelation 17:5 And upon her forehead was a name written, MYSTERY, BABYLON THE GREAT, THE MOTHER OF HARLOTS AND ABOMINATIONS OF THE EARTH.

Speaking Out Against the Last IFB

                                              [picture source]

I live in a small enough town, where I keep running into people from the IFB where I attended for year. Even 18 months later, they are coming up to me. They walk up to me almost glad to see the woeful sinner who is "skipping church" imaging some great tales of falling away or perhaps total apostasy. It makes me nervous. I am one of those shy type people that doesn't like being interrupted in public. More have talked to me coming up to greet me in public as a would be out of control sinner then I was able to talk to at the church.

 Most of the time when these people approached me, I just nodded and smiled and made boring small talk and made my escape but on the fourth go around, I thought, maybe I should tell one why I left. So I did. These may not be my exact words but I will basically paraphrase.

"I am done with church. Sure I may go to some community secular events or need a soup kitchen or do a non-pastor led bible study to meet Christians, but I am no longer attending church or any services.

I walked out hearing the Middle Eastern wars praised. You know the ones Bush started that have bankrupted America? They didn't get the memo yet he lied. I got sick of hearing more wars cheered for from the pulpit, whatever happened to pray for peace? I felt like the god of war, Mars was the true god there"

At this point she questioned the pro-war speech, and my husband walked up after getting something from the grocery store deli counter, and backed me up saying, "I heard that man too speak of how wonderful war was, and talk about killing and 'fighting for freedom', so she stopped arguing with me on that point.

"I am tired of Republican bots and brain dead Fox news brainwashing and no this doesn't mean the left is great either. I am tired of pastors who are incapable of independent thought, and who follow the status quo. Also praising war and putting down poor people and defending the oppression of the system is not of God. 

She quibbled a bit on my comment about poor people, but my husband backed up my claim there, reminding her of how the pastor railed against the poor, and how those who don't work, should not eat, yes that is in the Bible but so are dozens of verses against the oppression of the poor.  At that point I got a little irate, and said, "Look we are both college educated, look what happened to us, we are going to soup kitchens at times, and you think we want to sit there and listen to that guy rail against the poor?" We spoke of our uncomfortable time there being poor and how we were shamed and blamed. I mentioned to her how my husband had a career in which the field had been vaporized.

I also discussed more mundane issues, regarding the fact the church had no personal time among members. "I went there a year and everything was so centered on the pastor, I only got to know one nice lady who talked to me a few minutes after services". This was the most impersonal church I ever have gone to. She kind of surprised me here, saying something like people are too busy and I told her, "Well I think church is supposed to be more then just listening to a speaker at a lecture hall and then going home." and told her how my other IFB was far more personal.

She conceded my point that the bible studies being pastor led were boring, and involved no real discussion with him at the forefront. Here I was able to tell her I questioned the system of everything revolving around one man [the errors of the Nicolaitans] while conceding at least the church had a few elders in it. I questioned why was there so little personal relationships among the church body. She agreed with this part. She agreed the church had no activities outside of the sermons, and the pastor led bible study on Wednesday night.

What gets me, is before I started attending this church for that year, is I did meet with the pastor. I told him, "I don't agree with Dominionism" and defined what I meant. I told him, I want you to consider what some people warn of online about the "new world order", yes a lot of conspiracies are lies, but the Republican party is doing much against God.  He nodded and smiled at me and seemed open to my opinions, and I thought, "Well maybe this guy will have a few independent thoughts".

I surely didn't expect the man to rail against the Bilderberg Group from the pulpit but the mainstream Republicanism got to me. It rankled. Sometimes I got the feeling this guy was kidding us all. It's like he hadn't ever seen an alternative view in his life and lived in a cave circa 1985.  He praised a future war with Iran, ranted against Islam [yes it is a false religion but these were more political rants then religious discussions], praised war with all the Middle Eastern countries--Obama continued it all, ranted against the poor,  went on elegant soliloquies where he desired the 1980s would be brought back and said Reagan was the best president ever.

His and his wife's Facebook was full of Reagan worship. I suppose you can see why I didn't belong in this place. There was open and overt support of militarism with videos of marching soldiers.
I hadn't gone to church in 6 years and had a few months visiting a Calvary Chapel before I left and exposing that church on here. I was lonely for Christian fellowship. It was just more of the same.

These churches and these sold out pastors support the OPPRESSIVE system. You know the one where people are losing jobs, and losing their livelihoods? You know the one that is seeking the destruction of our souls and minds?  Probably now this guy is busy praising Trump from the pulpit. When more people lose jobs, and end up in the gutter, I wonder how long the rants against people on welfare will play out. He may find himself preaching to an empty room. I predict this church will fold when he dies. He is the only one holding it together. He is over 70 and at least one fourth of the church was related to him, so it won't outlast him.  It will die like my last IFB did when the pastor left.

These churches have no salt. They support the system of oppression. They are elite boot-lickers. They support the Pope in all the war plans. They bow at the altar of mammon and false appearances. This lady was ready to clutch her pearls. I don't mind speaking out. I hope she goes back and tells other church members what I said and why I left.

Leaving the IFB churches has changed me and coming out of the church system. I have had more thoughts lately about all the authoritarianism, the unity with the system these churches have in forwarding certain agendas. They never speak out for the abused, or powerless or poor. In fact they support those overtly who work against them as the powerful elite. They support the world system openly and overtly that is crushing us all. They tell us to "forgive" seared abusers, and to bow before our oppressors. Some of these guys surely look out among congregations where the working class has been destroyed, and still preach the same oppressive rhetoric. If anything they are helpers to the system in it's physically and emotionally crushing people.

 The desire for POWER and CONTROL seems paramount in these church systems where they desire people to conform. Otherwise why are all the pastors absolute conformists? Outside of a few shills like the deceased Last Trumpet Ministries guy who mixed numerology in with his sermons, I never have met or found one IFB pastor who was not just another spokesman for the Republican party.

I never fit in IFB culture. I tried to, I wanted to be a "good Christian" especially in my early days. Obviously if you have read this blog long enough, you know I am not going to fit in a liberal church either. I see through their lies as well. So there's no church place for someone like me. I believe we are being called out of the church system.

 The IFB wanted absolute conformity. Even my past seemed to count against me. My rural church was friendlier about that but I felt it even there. This one, seemed wary of me like I was "tainted", I had not been "born into" the church like most of them. They deemed me wicked for not having a family too. Meeting other fundamentalists online, and elsewhere one had to be cautious, I wrote about experiencing spiritual abuse with betrayers. It was all about the rules and control to people like this.

I don't regret telling that church lady what I did. Sometimes I regret not writing the pastor a letter and telling him why I left but I felt like God had warned me against this and/or told me to wait. I suppose I got tired of being silent, and being "dumbed down" not to offend anyone. I figure at this point when I told this lady what I did, there was nothing to lose.

I don't call myself a fundamentalist anymore. I have realized while some of my beliefs are traditionally "fundamentalist" in believing in the Bible and being against the ecumenical movement, I don't want people to mistaken my beliefs for being the same as the IFB because they are not anymore.

IFB Churches: Are they Daughters of Rome As Well

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