Monday, January 25, 2016

"Dare to Build Wealth!" is not a Christian message

David Ramsey's seminars are in every church in my area. One local megachurch is holding a new one and it costs 99 bucks to sign up.  I looked up another church at random, this one was a baptist church that wanted 115.00 dollars for the class. Talk about raking it in. If you ever wonder why the treatment of the poor in the churches reaches new depths, multitudes of church members listening to this guy for years on end, has definitely been one negative influence. Even here, David Ramsey goes with the family as idol paradigm.

How many real Christians lost their families when they were born again? I most likely lost my worldly inheritance obeying God and departing from the wicked. [yes it's a long story] His appeals such as "I dare you to build wealth" are anti-biblical, wicked and greedy. Notice how this life is looked on as the peak of everything. This guy has no touch with reality and what families in America are facing. He has no inkling how being poor in America makes you an outcast and how now even feeding a family and paying the rent has gotten harder and harder for millions. His audience who can afford his fee are not poor people but often middle class and above evangelicals who learn even more right wing "hate the poor" and blame them rhetoric from this guy.

The prosperity gospel has oozed through out the entire church system. It's not just for the Word of Faithers anymore.

Star Wars Catholic Mass

 Looks like the Catholics are hopping the Star Wars church bandwagon too.

See:   12 Days of Star Wars at Calvary Church

Ted Cruz: Wannabe World Dictator in 1988

Warning some risque language. Sure, many young people trash talk and make less then wholesome jokes, but think about this, this guy knew he was being filmed! All I thought was "Ted Cruz, sociopath, loves power". So wonder he thought the religious right would serve his purposes!

Inside the Lucis Trust

None of this surprises me, it looks like your typical Unitarian-Universalist church library if there is one in a particular UU church.  Well Theosophy forms a lot of undercurrent beliefs for UUs and yes all those philosophies and "religions" do marry together in Theosophy. Never seen that type of flag before, with the five pointed star, wonder what is behind there? I don't know much about the videographer. 777 is usually an "insider marker". So posting this for information and not endorsement.

From the Book "Introduction to New And Alternative Religions in America"

Sunday, January 17, 2016

Those who are PROUD of their Lives

[the world's advice above, if you know how F. Scott Fitzgerald ended up you can see where it took him]

1 John 2:16King James Version (KJV)
16 For all that is in the world, the lust of the flesh, and the lust of the eyes, and the pride of life, is not of the Father, but is of the world.

Pride in life is growing.

The bible says the pride of life is not of the Father.

When I read this verse it blew me away. I had been hammered by those who were proud of their lives and telling me I had nothing to be "proud" of. Pride of life was everything to them.

I have noticed that showing one self as having a "good life" has become a contest too, with the bucket list and acquisitions and more. Pride in life has grown IMMENSE.

Are you PROUD of your life?

What if you have a life you cannot brag about? What if you are homeless? What if you are a sick person or childless or life is a wreck and you barely are staying afloat? One pain that can come to people is feeling like they do not "measure" up. Years ago I had someone very wicked I later departed from tell me, that I had "nothing to show for my life". I had no trophies, or special awards or vacations or possessions to brag about.  Into late middle-age I had not "made a name" for myself, I was a "nobody" in my new community. They actually said to me, "You own nothing.".

Today a family member called, it's one of the few I am in contact with and bragged about how they were going on this trip and another trip and another family member was going to go to London, with 6 members of their family in tow for Spring Break. They brag about this present and that one, and this activity. They know I am poor, my contact with them is very limited but it feels like Chinese water torture. I want to talk to two nephews, so I am friendly on the phone, but it's painful. Even this last connection may ebb away.

I'm one of those people who has gotten called "loser" too much in the land of competition. And trust me it's tough out there.  In my case, I did get through college and had semi-professional jobs, for a time so how is it for someone who due to certain circumstances never made it through high school?  Many people suffer from the proud hammering them with the "measure up or else's standards.

One burden the church Pharisee's are laying today is the false moral paradigm of USA materialism. What you own or "do" is what you are worth. The Pride of Life. 

Satan holds out the "lure" of now "You will be SOMEBODY" tm and in competitive American society it doesn't let up. The lure of riches is a big one. The desire to have things, to fill an empty hole inside keep many running. Even if it's not about money, its about other forms of success, travel and popularity.

So much of the Christian world sees God in a certain way. Some point to the ATM machine but some seem to see God, as their "magic genie" at their beck and call. Recently I have been dealing with many unanswered prayers and illness, some definitely have seen some of those themes expressed on this blog. It's a challenging time but perhaps one of learning.

In the churches, I noticed a developing theme and yes I have talked about this with the BEST LIFE NOW articles, that there seemed to be a theme taught even in non-prosperity gospel churches, that if you were a good person and did "everything right" that you would be "blessed". This was touched upon in the poor in church article. If you were tormented or sick, or life was crumbling, it was your fault and God had deemed you "unworthy".You did not have the favor of God. If someone faced poverty or illness, many taught indirectly that it was a result of "sin" or they had lost the favor of God.

This belief influenced me, as I thought by becoming a Christian, that God would solve many of my problems and while I never believed in the prosperity garbage, I believed in some small way that blessings would flow and not just in the next world. I held out for healing and change, and a new vista, which we know in American society, they push this dream of  always striving ,that influences us all. The focus on self-improvement can be itself a trap.

All my churches told me if I had enough faith , God would cure me of my severe health problems. While God gave me longer to live then I expected there was that nugget of a dream inside. I believed one day God would solve my household's financial problems or at least stabilize them. In the churches, many a pastor would preach that if you obeyed God, that you would be blessed in this world too. Inside, I had this thought that one day, I would be deemed a "worthy" person too, and would see some of these blessings, not just financial, but this idea of an "easier" stable life.  These were all things that ended up being challenges to my faith and not supportive of it.

Of course the question came to my mind, what about those martyred apostles and those who lost their lives in the Inquisition who refused to do idolatry or succumb to Rome? What about innocent children killed in war or camps? By all ways they weren't "measuring" up to the system either. See how they have set this up to deceive?

The churches all support the American dream in the USA. Very few question the premises of it.  The ideal is that you are to have the nice suburban house and consumerism rules. Even the church system's clinging to Christmas or "presents" and "shop until we drop" day shows this. The pride of life is what has many showing off their lavish homes, children, hobbies, vacations and more online and elsewhere. Look at me! Look at what a great life I have! The pride of life, is leading many church people to support wars and more that supposedly will prop up the American way of life.

Some Christians get stuck in a GIMMME approach to God. All the Santa Claus garbage influences in a bad way. God is supposed to answer our prayers and give us a "good" life. What if this does not happen? What does scripture say about these things? Scripture warns of mourning in this life. It does not promise riches.

Historically these things have been a long time in coming. False teacher Calvin even taught a vision of earthly success which impacted the history of Capitalism. Success and money became intertwined with a "pride of life" where material success in this world became equated with a sign of God's blessings. The Bible teaches the complete opposite:

1 Timothy 6:9 But they that will be rich fall into temptation and a snare, andinto many foolish and hurtful lusts, which drown men in destruction and perdition.

You see the people now where "pride of life" has become everything, where they desire, attention, fame, and adulation. The churches teach a "pride of life" to their members and some even demand this "pride of life" for one to be acceptable in their pews.

New Lawsuit Against Bill Gothard

New charges allege religious leader, who has ties to the Duggars, sexually abused women

Ten women on Wednesday filed a lawsuit against Bill Gothard, who for decades was a major force in the conservative Christian homeschooling movement, charging him and leaders in his ministry with sexual abuse, harassment and cover-up.
Gothard, who urged Christians to shun things like short skirts and rock music, is accused of raping a woman. The same woman says she was raped by one of the ministry’s “biblical counselors.”
The lawsuit is part of a battle between dozens of women and the Institute in Basic Life Principles, which was until recently an influential homeschooling ministry, and its charismatic leader Gothard, who urged Christians to focus on their “biblical character” and have large families. Gothard has never been married.
Gothard, 81, resigned from the ministry in 2014 after more than 30 women had alleged that he had molested and sexually harassed women he worked with, including some who were minors.

The whole cult is rotten to the root. No mystery then why the Duggars themselves have sexual abuse in the family and I think only the tip of the iceberg has been exposed so far.

Saturday, January 9, 2016

"I Have Confidence in Buddha": The Pope's One World Religion

The frogs get warmed up in the pots and the water is starting to boil, they get more and more direct year by year. This is as one world religion as you get.

This video sums up the belief that all religions lead to "god", and that "god" is represented under many facets such as Buddha. "jesus" in this formula is just one of the "gods". It is an enticing false teaching that is going to bring in millions if not billions. It blends false religions that "worship creation" Romans 1 style which are rooted in false sun worship.

Here is the group that made this video:

The Pope's Worldwide Prayer Network

Of course they GASLIGHT and cover up about what they are doing right in front of people's faces. My Spanish is weak, but I can read some. No Hay Relativismo en el video means "There isn't relativism in the video", are you kidding me? This is a Jesuit run organization.

Many think differently, feel differently, seeking God or meeting God in different ways. In this crowd, in this range of religions, there is only one certainty we have for all: we are all children of God.

1 Corinthians 10:21

“Ye cannot drink the cup of the Lord, and the cup of devils: ye cannot be partakers of the Lord's table, and of the table of devils.” 

Monday, January 4, 2016

IFB Churches: Are They Daughters of Rome as Well?

Some may be shocked at this question or maybe not since many like me who read here have come to the conclusion the entire church system is false. This includes the independent fundamentalist Baptist church system.

I know some of my readers may even attend IFB churches. I'm not going to put you down. I hope I don't upset you with this train of thought. It's getting woefully hard out there to find any good Christian fellowship. There are some rare independent churches perhaps where one can speak some truth and still grow, and well others where, that is over with long ago. There are places that have sincerely born again pastors. Go where God leads you. As you all know I have left the church system. I am done now even the independent fundamentalist Baptist churches. At this conjecture, going back is not happening. Sometimes it's hard, this can be a lonely road.

I kept thinking about some things though...having visiting several IFB churches and watched a lot of their services online, why are so many of them the SAME? You would think INDEPENDENT would bring DIFFERENCES? Many of the pastors are educated via the same series of bible schools and seminars. Even my first IFB pastor yes went to Hyles Anderson college and returned for seminars. Him and his wife visited the First Baptist Church of Hammond years ago. I didn't known of those things regarding that false church until after moving away and starting this blog. There I read some of the crazy doctrines for myself that Hyles taught. His books always bothered me. The scandals via Jack Schaap later came to light.  I don't think I even discussed this even here, because it was painful to face these things. I would ask myself, "Why didn't that pastor see through those deceivers?"

 Even though I liked this pastor and enjoyed this church family, the me of today is a different person. Would the me of today be able to fit in that church again even though the people were more friendly and more kind to the poor? Probably not. Even there I disagreed with that pastor in his praise for G.W. Bush in 2004 and sought to tell him the truth and wrote him a letter. He apologized for getting so political in church and we worked things out.  I told him once, that most churches were falling away and many were leaving the church system, and he disagreed with this saying one must be a member of a new testament church. He warned me not to listen to deceivers online saying that false teachers were preaching to leave the church system. I still have friendly contact with him and other church members long distance but they all celebrate mainstream holidays from Halloween to Christmas. I can't tell people what to do but it bothers me. All still vote Republican even with my warnings of ten years ago. No, I would not fit there today.

One thing I have faced is culturally I never "fit" in the IFB world too. Spiritually I have walked out the door. No longer will I be trying to fit a square peg into a round hold. A person becomes born again, and is lead to love for God's Word and wants to find a place that seeks after truth. If you know certain things, and listen to a guy rant for tithes and go on about how the Rapture will rescue us all from suffering, it gets really old after a time.

 I felt I had no other choice in churches since only IFBs preach against the ecumenical movement. A few other churches do too, but they are cults like SDA off-shoots or sacramental and liturgical  like WELS. In wanting a church, to me, they were kind of the only game in town. What other choice was there? Who among us doesn't want fellowship with other Christian believers? Even the 1 percent of churches that "officially" denounce Rome really serve Rome as well. Organized religion is a racket.

Just like the Christmas thing where the pressure to conform is so great, I run into people who know it is pagan and sun-worship who still celebrate it, the pressure to find a good church for like minded people is out there too. I was out of all churches for several years but made an attempt to re-enter another one, only to see the false teachings reach to the ceiling. I am weary even from my years of trying to talk to people in my old church family about what I discerned, only to be ignored. Many were friendly and nodded and smiled but didn't want to be a "weirdo" like me I guess.

Culturally I was too poor and didn't have the white picket fence or the "nice" family to really fit into IFB churches. A lot of things I overlooked like the constant cry for women to obey husbands and even in my good IFB, the women there told me, I had to obey my husband, and this pastor's wife passed out the book Fascinating Womanhood. The sharp edges of the patriarchy movement were in all the IFBs I attended. It was even there to a degree in the Calvary Chapel I visited for a short time. At the time, I knew the bible did teach a role of leadership for men in the home so had no issue with that but have only grown more disturbed realizing what I do about the Patriarchy movement. It is a movement to sanction abuse of women. Don't forget the Duggars are "officially IFB". I was around homeschooling parents all over the place and people who even dabbled in Quiverful. My life didn't match theirs at all. I was an outliner from the very get-go.

Among some of them, not all, my past in the UU and Catholic church seemed to taint me. My old IFB had a few born again converts in it, so I wasn't as lonely there, but the rest I visited or attended, most were part of entrenched families and had been "born" within the church just the same as the Catholic one.

 One thing to be observed is these INDEPENDENTS have just as much of a hierarchy system, and overseers, except it is much more informal. The pastors are going to fundamentalist bible colleges instead of seminaries, but there are still the lauded "star pastors" and ones who write books. The big whigs from Bob Jones to Rice would be the "bishops". They definitely have their freemasonic and luciferian infiltrators paying homage to the politicians too. All of the big whigs were slavish defenders of the Republican system.

Some time ago I wrote "My Questions about IFBs and Baptists"

I wrote this list of things within the IFB I disagreed with: I still disagree with these things

 "Many IFB churches teach these things I do not agree with and have exposed on this blog:

1. Dispensationalism. [a Pre-Trib Rapture] This is the majority by far.

2. Christian Zionism. Some stress this more then others.

3. Dominionism. This has grown even more in the churches from what I have personally seen.

4. Only some teach this but it's growing out there: The Patriarchy Movement.

5. Support of the Police state, Skewing of Romans 13 and Jingoism.

6. Authoritarianism

7. Pastor Networks that don't seem any different from the rest of the churches.

8. Tithing

9. The One Man Show. [some of course are better then others on this one, allowing other men to preach, elder system

The other day I had the thought, that even with the war mongering from the pulpits I saw myself, the IFBs are serving Rome. How? Their love of war and Christian Zionism works too for the agendas of Rome and the Antichrist. The blood lust spoke for itself. There was nothing Christian about that day when I sat there hearing the pastor's son who had been in Iraq glorying in murder for the globalist state. To be frank, in the war support alone, most IFBS are serving the freemasonic and luciferian masters. That day still gives me nightmares. A blond man at the pulpit, gleefully speaking of killing. His brother with his veteran's thousand yard stare sits in the pulpit eyes remaining straight ahead. I think there is a reason three of the pastor's sons have gone to the Middle East to wage war on the "infidels".

The Dominionism, Pre-Trib Rapture, false millennial teachings too also serve the interests of Rome and Babylon. No longer could I sit there listening to this nonsense. There were years where I hoped to have communication and wanted those personal relationships. I noticed as the years passed by the churches got more controlling, all Bible studies in this area were under the direct supervision of the pastors. There was no questioning allowed or discussing even the bible in depth among ourselves.

I have realized even if an IFB pastor and church speak against Roman Catholicism as a false religion and the Pope himself, it doesn't mean they are not serving a set role from Babylon headquarters. The entire list above, are orders on high from the Pope. Christian Zionism serves the role of supporting the building of the Antichrist's future world headquarters.

I have for years been concerned about other trends in the IFB

1. Child sexual abuse and other abuses. "Breaking the will of the child" No, not every IFB attender is a child abuser. Some pastors are decent sorts, but I even read for myself the crazy books written by Jack Hyles in my good IFB that constantly spoke of "Breaking the will of the child". I disagreed with the man but didn't realize these were widely held opinions. I never saw out and out abuse in the churches I attended but I noticed the love for totalitarian government in the Dominionist world was spilling out into an overall authoritarian theme. This is what led me to write the Oppression of Youth article.

2. The weird schools and abusive homes and rest for children. Hezbipah House would be one chief among them. Even the weird rules of the bible colleges and more bothered me. The Catholic church had its Magdalene Laundries, the IFB had Hezbipah House and other weird oppressive institutions. Josh Duggar is even supposed to be in some creepy IFB punishment center called Reformers Unanimous.

3. The brain dead Republicanism got worse. It didn't get better. Even if Obama is wicked, it doesn't make the other side "good". Every IFB I ever have been in, subscribed to the brain dead Republicanism. After I move, I never met one "new world order" aware person ever again in real life. Online, I meet them all the time and here too but in the churches it was political brain dead city. The pastors continued the Babylon ordered rants against Muslims, and war mongering and praised astrology loving Ronald Reagan as a political saint.

4. The pastor centered churches, where the world of the church revolved around the pastor. I saw this in the last one. Four families in the church were his relatives. Even if your pastor doesn't break out the funny hats and long robes, if the shows on him, he's doing the exact same thing as any bishop or priest.

5. No IFB I ever have seen has taught against Christmas and/or Easter or other false holidays. They follow the same sun false church calendar as Rome too in celebrating these holidays. The holidays that follow the "heavens" celebrating the solstices every year speak of whom these people really worship.

6. The off-beat ones, many seemed "owned" and controlled mixing truth with lies. Think Steven Anderson.

7. Every IFB I have ever visited has the Dominionist Christian flag in it. The last one did too.

The control matrix of the IFBs for the politicians and world controllers work the same as they do in other false churches.

I'm out for good now. I have given up my dream of finding an independent "good" Christian fellowship or church. I never want to attend an IFB again either. Who knows what the future holds but right now I consider IFB churches daughters of Rome too. Sorry if this offends you but it's true. Maybe some will be offended at this article. I know it is a risky one to write even knowing some readers are still within IFB churches.

Rev 18 And after these things I saw another angel come down from heaven, having great power; and the earth was lightened with his glory.
And he cried mightily with a strong voice, saying, Babylon the great is fallen, is fallen, and is become the habitation of devils, and the hold of every foul spirit, and a cage of every unclean and hateful bird.
For all nations have drunk of the wine of the wrath of her fornication, and the kings of the earth have committed fornication with her, and the merchants of the earth are waxed rich through the abundance of her delicacies.
And I heard another voice from heaven, saying, Come out of her, my people, that ye be not partakers of her sins, and that ye receive not of her plagues.

Falsehoods and Falling Away in the Fundamentalist Churches

More Blasphemy From the Pope

Bragging About their Jets

How can anyone take these guys seriously? Don't forget Kenneth Copeland is the one the Pope met with. Their pride and assurance of their own importance is beyond belief. Flying with the little people is "getting into a long tube filled with demons". His most honest comment is "We are in show business here." Yes, you sure are.