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Psalm 142

Psalm 142 King James Version (KJV)

142 I cried unto the Lord with my voice; with my voice unto the Lord did I make my supplication.
I poured out my complaint before him; I shewed before him my trouble.
When my spirit was overwhelmed within me, then thou knewest my path. In the way wherein I walked have they privily laid a snare for me.
I looked on my right hand, and beheld, but there was no man that would know me: refuge failed me; no man cared for my soul.
I cried unto thee, O Lord: I said, Thou art my refuge and my portion in the land of the living.
Attend unto my cry; for I am brought very low: deliver me from my persecutors; for they are stronger than I.
Bring my soul out of prison, that I may praise thy name: the righteous shall compass me about; for thou shalt deal bountifully with me.
This was a psalm I was reading today. Life sometimes can feel very wearing. There are things disturbing me out in the world and in private life as well.  I'm facing those times of seeing the wicked prosper and wondering why so few care about the Lord or even the same things I do.  Sometimes this world feels so foreign to me and this place of not belonging gets to person. This world is not our home.
 I also have faced my own sins. There have been temptations which so far I have not given into, but it makes me wonder if Satan is on the attack and seeking to crush me lately.  I certainly sinned in smaller matters especially when angry.  Christians will be tested.  I had my time recently where I said to my husband, "Why is God not answering my prayers?"   I am not angry at God, but it's more a feeling of growing old and having regrets about how my life on this earth turned out and frustrations not in seeking self-glory but in things I wanted to accomplish or to have some meaning to it all. Of course the meaning we seek is to be in Jesus Christ not ourselves.  I am showing the Lord my trouble now to overcome these things. Snares definitely were laid for me. God has helped me gain a better place in clearing my mind of the thoughts the wicked had given me many times. There are many on this earth who have felt like "no man cared for my soul."
 It has to do with some personal struggles that are lifelong and related the grief that is tied up to having to depart from wicked family members [obeying God in doing so] and how it has created loss of other relationships. Spiritually toughening up isn't always easy. Sometimes I do feel at a loss and need to pray to God for direction. The psalms are very  important to me in what they convey. I can not feel like a "failure" as a Christian knowing David felt many of the same things and cried out to God. If you ever have one of those days where you feel like you are vexed about life, and feel you have had too many sins to confess and to have repented of, turning to the Psalms is always a good idea. It is literally praying to God to "bring your soul out of prison". I am praying to God to do that very thing right now. 

Phony Papal "Miracles"

The phony baloney "blood" liquifies probably when enough heat is applied to melt the "wax" or whatever else they got in there.

Januarius? They claim they have no "record" of him that is contemporary to his time.  Is that like Janus?

Dalai Lama Attended the Last Prayer Breakfast

We know there is nothing remotely "Christian" about this event.

Rapture Doctrine

Forced Church Attendance?

"Senator Sylvia Allen, while discussing a gun bill, proposed the idea of mandating church attendance on Sundays to "bring back the soul of the country".

Don't give the new world order any more ideas.....What about the people who believe in church on Saturday?

Thursday, March 26, 2015

"Sprinklers" To Keep Homeless Away at Catholic Cathedral

More hypocrisy from the harlot. I guess they followed the spike-installers for an example.

Monday, March 23, 2015

False Cults and Teachers Await the PHYSICAL Counterfeit Millennial Kingdom on Earth

 I do not believe in an earthbound millennial kingdom. In fact I believe the set up is in the works to have most of the world deceived by the antichrist in setting up his kingdom in Jerusalem. I have noticed a pattern in how just about every false cult awaits this Utopia upon THIS EARTH. Instead of listening to Jesus who told us "His kingdom is not of this world", so many are invested in this world and this life. It is why the Vatican goes after Jerusalem, it is what the freemasons and knights of Malta all plot and plan for.  It was what many of the evangelicals who teach Pre-Trib and more are pointing to.  One can see how all the cults and false teachers are helping to herd people for the future antichrist kingdom. 

There are sincere Christians who led by false teachers and through the lens of premill. believe a "kingdom of jesus" is to be built by in this world, but I hope they realize via the leading of the Holy Spirit that this will be a counterfeit kingdom. There is a reason many cults and false teachers point to it.


"They died without the sight" sounds occultic. Mormonism is full of occultic and freemasonic ideals. Mormons believe in a headquarters not only to be placed in Israel but America as well. Notice the focus on UNITY, UNITY. Remember, the video is called "Building up the Kingdom of God on earth".


I find it VERY interesting that they quote Eusebius who was under Constantine as supporting a corporal [physical] millennial kingdom of Christ. Also the false church father Iraenus supports it too.  Cults always hold to these early deceivers. Of course this false cult does not have the discernment to know they brought in "grievous errors".

Seventh Day Adventist:

I find their vision of the millennial kingdom confusing but obviously they believe in it:


Notice here how many times they repeat the word "reigning". Dominionism which I have warned about on this blog multiple times is definitely tied into the false teaching of an earthly kingdom with a false "jesus" that will act like an earthly king.


He says "all nations will worship there" of course they will in the counterfeit kingdom of the Antichrist, remember my articles about the temple rebuilders? Notice how they bring Old Testament
law back.

One commenter pointed out some of Missler's errors, his gospel is convoluted but he is right about the temple.

"People your body is the temple of the lord and it must be holy without sin, Jesus already departed from the temple of Jerusalem he is not coming back there he is coming for you and only if you keep his word a d are led by his spirit and are delivered from the power of sin you will be able to be saved. The devil will sit in this temple claiming he is God is many will be deceived . Repent and seek Jesus while he can be found!"

Hebrew Roots Messianics [adhering to the law] [warning false bible verses in this one]

Missler and pals aren't too far off the reservation with these guys who want Old Testament laws and holidays and statutes reinstated.


It sounds like an advertisement for the New World Order in poetry. Don't forget to notice where they claim the Egyptian pyramids are God's Witness.  You have to be kidding me!



False prophecy with this one, it's now 2015, and everyone is over 100 years old. They deceived many Jehovah Witness with false bible prophecy and date setting.


Remember this is the guy with the Eye of Horus in his church backdrop.



Christian Science:[they spiritualize it somewhat]

"       The millennium is here defined. It is ["a state and stage of mental advancement, going on since ever time was. Its impetus, accelerated by the advent of Christian Science, is marked, and will increase till all men shall know Him (divine Love) from the least to the greatest, and one God and the brotherhood of man shall be known and acknowledged throughout the earth." The First Church of Christ, Scientist, and Miscellany, by Mary Baker Eddy, p. 239:27].
         Prophecy of the Old and New Testaments connects with the millennial thought the restoration of the Jews and their unison with the nations in bonds of brotherly love. Christian Science likewise takes up the prediction, and gives spirituality to the prophetic words. On page 514 [of Science and Health (1890)] we read, "The twelve tribes of Israel and all mankind — separated by belief from their divine origin and their true, spiritual being, — shall return, through the spiritual idea, to their Divine Principle, and dwell in the harmony of Science. These are stars in her crown of rejoicing. Like lamps in the spiritual heavens of this age are the workings of this ideal, healing the sick and sinner, manifesting the light that shall shine 'unto the perfect day,' when the night of materialism shall flee before the millennial dawn."


It is known that freemasons desire the rebuilding of Solomon's Temple. [source]

I'll keep this very simple and direct.

Many false religions and cults are being prepped for the antichrist and his future counterfeit kingdom in Jerusalem. Do you notice how many are gathered around this false idea and invested in it. 

They await a carnal "earth-bound" kingdom!

This is the Jerusalem I believe in...

Galatians 4:26 But Jerusalem which is above is free, which is the mother of us all.

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Jack Chick Tract on Israel

The person who posted this wrote: "This video contains many reasons why we MUST stay allies with Israel!!"

The overt Christian Zionism is pretty apparent. You know sadly if American Christians believe that a secular nation must be defended at all costs, that is an easy way to get them to support endless political efforts and new world order wars. Israel definitely could be the spark-plug to get WWIII rolling along. Netanyahu stumps for war endlessly.

For years I used to ask  the Christian Zionist crowd, how is the Israeli government and secular nation godly when they have signed concordances with Rome and Netanyahu and every Israeli prime minister has met with and made deals with the Pope? They are controlled by the same freemasons and luciferians like every other nation on this earth. I never got much of a response.

Chick is correct about the oppression of the Jewish people, Rome's evils and much more in this tract but sadly there are the Zionists deceptions. The weird part where it says, "It is God's miracle that Israel become a nation in 1948 and the line below where it says "And the UN has hated them ever since", is kind of strange since the United Nations formed the secular nation of Israel in 1948. While there are Arab nations that gang up on Israel [Islam vs. Judaism factions] in UN meetings, Israel is a member of the United Nations. Israel is more of a modern nation then some under Sharia law but it is not a "holy" nation, most there are not Christians. The antichrist Pope makes frequent visits and then there are those interesting hand shakes with Israeli prime ministers.

The disasters are odd, where Chick connects each storm to some misdeed towards the Israeli government. The idea that the Israeli government is always right, is kind of creepy. Many of the Jews in Israel if one reads their political new websites are as fed up as Americans about corruption in the political realm. So it's our religious duty to always do what the secular nation of Israel wants? Does that mean going to war with Iran at Netanyahu's request? What about weather modification and geo-engineering? Well that gets into a whole other ball of wax.

Chick does not buy into Hagee's false gospel and in the tract makes it plain that he believes Jews need to be born again too but does have the part supporting a millennial kingdom where "jesus Christ" will rule from Jerusalem. The tract says "Jesus will rule the world from Jerusalem. And Israel will have the land that God promised them". Can you see how that could set people up for the counterfeit kingdom of the Antichrist?

Divide Over the Timing of the Rapture?

Should Christians divide over the timing of the Rapture? So eschatological timings should divide Christians? I was a bit surprised at Bryan Denlinger's of King James Video Ministries taking this position.

Eschatology can be complex, it takes study. New Christians and others may even take years of prayer and bible reading to arrive at conclusions. I do not hold the stance that eschatological stances should divide Christians except in the aspect of when they are connected to other false teachings such as Christian Zionism and Dominionism. There are saved people out there who hold to Pre-Trib but I pray they come to more truth with study.

 I was saved and believed in the Pre-Trib rapture for a short time. There are Christians who have a relationship with Jesus Christ who have been taught these things so much, that coming out of the fog of the world's messages about end times, takes time and leading by the Holy Spirit.

The majority of churches and teachers teach a pre-mill and tell people to look for a new "world leader" as the Antichrist. I hold even more so to the papacy being antichrist and a Pope as being The Antichrist.

To be frank, I think the Pre-Trib position was instituted by Rome more and more to take the heat off and to help set up world events and deceptions for the final antichrist kingdom. Study up on Francisco Ribera, who started the "point away from the Pope" games.

Those of us who reject and question the pre-trib Rapture, are fewer in number. Those who do not agree with a world millennial kingdom are rare. I noticed Denlinger in his beliefs does believe in a physical millennial kingdom on this earth.

"Soon Jesus will catch away his beloved church to be with him in heaven, so that they will be spared from the horrible outpouring of God’s wrath known as “the Great Tribulation”. (1 Corinthians 15:51-55 & 1 Thessalonians 4:15-18) After this 7 year period of tribulation, Jesus will return to this earth to judge the nations (Matthew 25). Then Jesus will rule and reign PHYSICALLY in Jerusalem for 1,000 years, after which He will judge Satan and ALL of the unsaved living and dead at the Great White Throne Judgment. (Revelation 20:11-15)"

 Pre-Trib is popular, it is the teaching of every false teacher out there. A lot of people have not been happy with those of us who question pre-trib. I wrote this on another article when I had a disagreement with another pretrib blogger years ago:

"This is a big picture comment, I want all my readers to ask themselves why 90% of the false evangelical teachers out there all hold to Pre-Trib without reservation? Why is there not more variation out there? Given what I have exposed on this blog about Dominionism, Christian Zionism and the other NWO set-ups, why don't some see how false Pre-Trib teachings and dispensationalism have tied into all of them? If one studies even Protestantism of hundreds of years ago, the views were far more wide ranging then the emphasis, on Hal Lindsey inspired Bible prophecy? Why do we get so much more of the same from so many varying circles?"

I think this commenter where this video on Youtube appears was probably talking about my blog given our discussions of yesterday:

"FYI - there's this blog site I fellowshipped at for the last couple of years - for the most part, it's very fruitful...defends the KJB, exposes 501c3, exposes all of the wolves, exposes all of the evils in the world, etc.

But sadly, the blog site owner is anti-pre trib AND anti-futurist view. Especially in recent months, when this blog site owner tried to expose pre-trib/pro-Israel/pro-futurist eschatology, ultimately he just couldn't make any sense(ie-tried to tie these deceptions to Hal Lindsey, Chuck Missler, "Christian Zionism", etc).

It was yesterday when he posted a Chick Tracts video, and said how he doesn't agree with his pre-trib/pro-Israel stance. Then guess what...someone in the comments section(where we fellowship at) came in and started posting other blog links how Jack Chick and David Daniels are Jesuit infiltrators.

I skimmed through the blogs...however - 1) Most of what was written made no sense, and 2) Chick and Daniels were also called out as Jesuits b/c they happened to have a Futurist eschatology view. Seriously - if Chick and Daniels are Jesuits b/c they have a Futurist/7 year end times with AC head view - then using this logic, does this mean myself, bro Bryan Denlinger, and everyone else here on this comments section are Jesuit provacateurs too, b/c we support this same view? rolls eyes

Ultimately - like I said, that blog site has done a wonderful job contending for the faith - but sadly, b/c he doesn't hold to the pre-trib/futurist view, you see not only the leaven creeping in, but also potential false brethren brought in unawares as well."

Lest someone get confused, I do not believe everyone who is Pre-trib as a crypto-Jesuit laying in wait. There are sincere folks who are pretrib even if I disagree with them. Bryan Delinger may be among them. Sadly he believes I am hell bound for refusing the Pre-mill Rapture. I like many of his videos and even have posted them here but am disappointed by the hard stance with Pre-Trib. It shocked me to say the least.

With Chick, and by the way I had a fondness for the tracts and more, and have my own disappointment in even questioning the man, he definitely does believe in Christian Zionism!
 This tract equates every divide of secular Israel's land to disasters in America. While Chick is right about the Pope and others vying for Israel for the Antichrist Jerusalem kingdom of the end times, it promotes the Christian Zionist message. Look at this tract called "Love the Jewish People", Chick claims that England was blessed for standing by the secular nation of Israel and then cursed for not. The praise of Queen Victoria as a godly woman is odd as she was with the Church of England and definitely not a "born again Christian". The royals are part of the wicked elite, and this has not been just in recent history.

While there is truth about the Nazis, Pope and aspects of world history, the "support secular Israel at all costs" message is there.

Some may be sincere folks, but simply deceived by the Jesuit set-up. With Chick we cannot personally know but there are other issues with Jack Chick including the support of false teachers like Rebecca Brown.

Pre-trib Rapture teachings have set most of the confessing Christian church up for deception.

1. It points away from the Pope and serves the interests of Rome so the world plays look over there games, with a would be world leader taking the antichrist role. This is the most insidious thing about Darby and those who have set up the world to look away from Rome. In many ways this has helped the ecumenical movement with Rome as the Pope is lauded as a great moral teacher among all the fallen away teachers. Sadly even those like Denlinger who point to Rome as the harlot and understand aspects of it's evils can be corralled into the Pre-Trib trap.

2. It pushes false Christian Zionism. It ignores the fact that today's Judaism instead of the Judaism of Jesus's day is Talmudic and part of mystery Babylon. It ignores the fact that many of today's top rabbis are ecumenical servants to the Pope and helps the false gospel crowd like Hagee teach that Jews don't need Jesus to be saved. It obliterates the true meaning of Israel being the born again people of God--Jews who accept Jesus Christ as Lord included and replaces this truth with a United Nations founded secular nation that is run by the same wicked powers that the rest of the world is.

  3. It helps play cover up for the machinations of governments in the service of Rome. Why else are we seeing Christians praise Netanyahu, who rejects Jesus Christ? How else have they rounded up so many Christians to be unquestioning when it comes to globalist wars on terror and Middle Eastern wars? Most American Christians have cheered for the new "crusades".

4. These false teachings help corral most Christians into the right camp, the powers that be want them to be as the set up the final World War III show down. One can see Islam being aligned with the pseudo Caliphate being formed to be at odds with world "Christiandom"--Orthodox church in Russia, pro-secular Israel Dominionism Christian supporters in America and so forth. The Pope and his men are playing the world for suckers.

 Dominionism which I have warned about for years on this blog is intertwined at it's core with Pre-Trib teachings. Political insanities can even be pushed more as many hold faith in "escaping". Why else is America sleeping so deep?

5. The antichrist-temple rebuilders are gleeful over Pre-Trib delusions

6. False teachings about the millennial kingdom are setting up the world for deception in embracing the Antichrist. The counterfeit kingdom will be based with the focus on THIS earth. It is interesting to me about how so many are invested in THIS WORLD and live not for eternity.  Of course this will be set up with a false kingdom of Jerusalem. Even the Mormons believe in a physical millennial kingdom they call Zion to be upon this earth with a "New Jerusalem" headquarters in America.

Jesus told us: John 18:36 Jesus answered, My kingdom is not of this world: if my kingdom were of this world, then would my servants fight, that I should not be delivered to the Jews: but now is my kingdom not from hence.

As for God's wrath, I do not believe God's wrath is going to be poured upon saved Christians. Denlinger is making assumptions about those who reject the pre-trib position. God promises protection and comfort in tribulation for believers. Why else would Jesus have told us this?

John 16:33 These things I have spoken unto you, that in me ye might have peace. In the world ye shall have tribulation: but be of good cheer; I have overcome the world.

Even if one speaks of things like Jacob's Trouble, if the lens is wrong, such as it being viewed via Pre-Trib and Christian Zionism, then things will be distorted. The lens has been distorted for millions via the false teachings which are rooted in Rome itself.  I believe scripture is correct about very hard times coming to Israel but when one elevates a secular nation that has rejected Jesus Christ mostly as being owed "blessings" and "favors from God" and unyielding support from Christians and does not understand the true Israel vs. the false Israel, they enter a place of severe confusion.

Romans 9:6-8 "Not as though the word of God hath taken none effect. For they are not all Israel, which are of Israel:"

One thing I want to warn here, do not let the eschatological terms confuse you.  I think the terms confuse. I read the Bible and let God's Word lead the way.  Many "post-tribbers" are even deceived by Rome and believe that we are to set up Christ's kingdom for Him and for His return. Reconstructionists are among those crowd. Obviously many churches are filled with deceived amillennials/preterists who believe all of Revelation has already "happened" except for the very end. That doesn't apply since I warn on this blog about the fulfillment of bible prophecy. They build a box for people saying you have to fit this description, think a bit outside the terms they have set up.

I am praying for Bryan Denlinger. I do not know if he has posted on Christian Zionism or even of his stance on Dominionism. I hope he sees this post and rethinks his stand on those rejecting a Pre-Mill/Pre-Trib Rapture as being hellbound people that worship a false christ. I hope he rethinks some of these things, and studies on how Darby deceived and how the world is being set up for satanic deception.


Friday, March 13, 2015

Why No Revival? A Very Early Jack Chick Tract

 Jack Chick is controversial. I don't agree with him, about Pre-Trib Rapture and Israel among several things however this is an interesting video. I read Jack Chick tracts before being saved.
With the word "revival", while growing in faith with the Holy Spirit's help once a Christian is born again is a good thing, I do not hold to the group concept of "revival" in that the Bible tells us this world is going to wax worse and worse. Our faith and commitment to the Lord can be "revived" but the idea of group change is more dubious.

Psalms 85:6 Wilt thou not revive us again: that thy people may rejoice in thee?
There will be no Utopian time where revival reigns, that only time this will happen is after Jesus's return and we are in eternity with Him.  Even those "great Awakenings" you hear about in American history class often were fueled by false prophets such as Calvinists and Millerites, though obviously people would become truly born again. The tract is truthful about many pitfalls in the Christian churches and Christian life.

"Obey Clothing = Obey Satan"

Seen on another website.....see left side, it is one that warns of the Illuminati, they are right about the "Obey" messages. I see Shephard Fairey's name come up all over the place including this project to promote George Harrison and the music of the Beatles. He makes guest appearances on shows. Quite a bit of publicity for a mere "artist"and "graphic designer". The subliminals to OBEY are definitely out there.

Is Putin Dead?

I found out about this yesterday but decided to sit on it, wondering if it was more distractions on alternative  news websites. Well the distractions are constant, aren't they?
Various websites are asking "Where is Putin?" Part of me is hoping he did not run to his underground bunker yet, but the whole thing is very strange. Maybe he just got sick or decided to take vacation.
The New York Times is now asking, "Where is Putin"?

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Bizzarre 'Dance of Destruction' Performed at CERN Ahead of Launch

Bizarre ‘Dance Of Destruction’ Performed At CERN Ahead Of Launch

What's this weirdness from 2013? Another ritual of some sort by the same "dancers"? Warning for this video.....the guy looks like he is becoming "possessed" being put under some kind of spell. She puts her hands over his eyes maybe representative of spiritual blinding?

See: Theories about CERN Opening the Pit

Left Behind in Louisiana

This is a documentary made about evangelical culture on the gulf coast. Some of these can be interesting from a cultural standpoint but obviously this reminds me of the film "Jesus Camp" where it is more a cultural expose' and Christians are shown as "those wacky uneducated people". Yes the teachers in Jesus Camp were false.  I have seen some who dress as Jesus and who roll crosses around, that is tampering a bit with the second commandment though some surely are well-intended in their attempts to get lost people's attention. There are many false teachings contained within "AMERICAN RAPTURE CULTURE".  It is good some brave souls are going to one of our most demonic cities, New Orleans to witness.

Thursday, March 5, 2015

Incan Pagan gods worshipped by Catholic Bishops

Catholicism--your mix and match religion. The harlot blends with all it's pagan daughters. I suppose they are moving things along since the days of making offerings to Hindu deities.

Warning from Catholic Trad website. 

"Part of the ceremony of consecration of Fr. Moises Atisha as the new Bishop of Arica, Chile, was an act of Inca worship, above, dedicated to the gods Pachamama (earth), Tata Inti (sun) and the Malkus (spirits of the mountains). A large group of Chilean Bishops was present at that ceremony on January 17, 2015. 

Above you see an Inca "priest" kneeling on an Indian rug transformed into an altar. On that same rug he displays leaves of coca, a sack of seeds and two bottles - one with water and the other with hard liquor, all of which he offers to the pagan deities of the Incas. 

Afterwards, he gave brightly colored paper necklaces to Bishop Atisha and Bishop Cristian Contreras, who co-consecrated the new Bishop, first and second rows below. Both bent down before the "altar" to pick up some leaves of coca and offered them to the Inca divinities, third row. They were followed in this act of idolatry by all the Bishops present, including the Papal Apostolic Nuncio to Chile, Msgr. Ivo Scapolo, fourth row, and the Cardinal Ezzati Andrello, Archbishop of Santiago, fifth row. "

Setting Up The War Between Civilizations I

Benjamin Netanyahu is another new world order luciferian and freemason. Have other world leaders gone before our Congress to speak?  Behind the scenes all these world leaders work together. Iran has been on the war plan list for many years. Did you know that in 1996 he warned about nuclear bombs in Iran? For the Zionists out there who think war is always the answer, did you know that many Israelis don't think Netanyahu is such a great guy?

It makes me sick how the phony churches praise this guy, he isn't even a Christian. He rejects Jesus Christ. With all the Rosenberg speeches and books, and Hagee's nonsense, much of the false church embraces the secular nation of Israel with no question.

War with Iran has been in the plans for a long time, they are on this list:

Keep this quote in mind as these types on both our phony right and left push war, and more war as the answer:

"Remember this quote from some time ago?

“The Third World War must be fomented by taking advantage of the differences caused by the “agentur” of the “Illuminati” between the political Zionists and the leaders of Islamic World. The war must be conducted in such a way that Islam (the Moslem Arabic World) and political Zionism (the State of Israel) mutually destroy each other. …. Albert Pike, Satanic World War 3 Plan."

The New World Order runs the wars and all wars are bankers wars.

It's just like when Bush came up with the WMDs in Iraq. The constant drumbeat of Christian vs. Muslim for the sake of the NWO desiring international war is reaching a fever pitch. The "war on terror" is advancing to higher stages.  Where does it say in the Bible that war is the answer? One reason is all the propaganda, and psy-ops. You probably can guess what I believe about Isis which came out of "nowhere". There are other interesting theories about Isis to be read online. This reminds me of when Osama Bin Laden was living in caves, never to be found, just like a supposed ragtag terrorist group could be "unbeatable" by an Army that could invade entire nation-states without a problem.

 If you want your mind blown realize how many of the terrorist events are "managed".  These could be Advanced but smaller "inside" jobs like 9-11. If you get some time read through this post on another board. I'm still reading and pondering it. A lot does look "fake". Some may shout "ah it's just crazy conspiracy theorists!", but a lot does look WRONG. The capture of a guy holding a list and sign behind the ambulance is mind-blowing. People don't realize how deep the delusions of the world we live in are getting. They are getting deep and on multiple levels.

They are loving the confusion.

See where things are going?

Putin to Visit Iran Soon

They always bring the churches in, via the propaganda to shill for war. Just like before Bush invaded Iraq. It seems like this is back again too. Even as America was bankrupted in the first series of war, no one learned their lesson as we go for another advanced go around. You hear all the usual suspects now ranting and raving against Islam, and Christian Zionism sells this as "defending the Jews" who really are put in even more danger as the world is on the edge of erupting into a big fireball. Many in the pulpits and pews are deceived and follow right along.

I think even Obama's reputation as a would be Muslim is part of the game. Hey he probably is at least for his "front" religion since he bowed before the Saudi king years ago but his real religion is luciferian. It's just more of the planned confusion. After all Obama is bombing and droning as many Muslims worldwide as Bush did. How on earth is he giving Islam a "pass" when he wants endless war in the Middle East?

No one is preaching witness to the Muslims, it's all about war. They are dupes to the new world order and their propaganda for war. This will be a new series of "crusades" for Rome.

Wednesday, March 4, 2015