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What Color is the Dress Nonsense

Is That Dress White and Gold or Blue and Black?

I saw this all over the internet yesterday everyone asking What color is this dress? I kept telling people they are showing two different pictures with different lighting in different places. Everyone ignored me. The dress is ugly anyway. I saw people telling me "Oh it's an optical illusion!". I thought what nonsense. Photographs can be manipulated as we know. I suppose while they are busy with their perception and mind control experiment, everyone is distracted from the fact that Obama and pals ended freedom on the internet in America.

The False Gospel of Jessa Duggar

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Romans 4:5 But to him that worketh not, but believeth on him that justifieth the ungodly, his faith is counted for righteousness.

Jessa Duggar’s Post on God’s Judgment Stirs Massive Debate

Jessa Duggar could mean well, because the others in her family never spoke of God's judgment but I found myself shaking my head, here is a re-run of Ray Comfort's false gospel. This isn't the gospel of grace. Sadly this is what she was raised with and taught. She may simply know no better, same as I was taught Catholicism as a young child.  I do not know how much she knows or not. She has been raised in the Quiverful and Bill Gothard cult. I will pray today that someone meets with her and teaches her the true gospel which is salvation via faith.

One is not regenerated and freed from sin within themselves but via the Holy Spirit. To some this may be a quibble, it isn't. Frankly salvation cometh by faith, it does not come via "repenting". The repenting comes SECOND, you are born again and the Holy Spirit convicts you of your sin.

As written on here before, many are mistaken that salvation lies within their works and proving their 'goodness' to God. After all the Catholic church teaches do good works to get into heaven. One can "Repent" over and over but unless one has believed unto Jesus Christ and has been born again, it is all for naught. There are many so called "righteous people" who are dependent on their own righteousness to get into heaven and it will fail. Notice she never says that one is to be born again. While she is right about the reality of hell, she focuses on the sin and doing "good".

Jessa Duggar according to this article wrote:

""People are content to live on in lying, cursing, pride, anger, bitterness, disrespecting of parents, lust, pornography, fornication, adultery, and other sexual sins-- and if anyone tries to confront them, their attitude and response is, 'You live your life, I'll live mine. Don't you tell me what to do! Only God can judge me!' "They don't even realize what they're saying. God's judgment isn't something to be taken lightly! It should scare you! Man's 'judgment' is a 1000x lighter... usually just a voicing of disapproval. But when unbelieving, sinful men die and stand before God, He justly condemns them to hell."

She is right to warn about hell, hell does await those who die and stand before God and who die in their sins. Non-believers do not care the same way about sin. I was one once, and before I was born again, there were things I did not even consider sins the Holy Spirit convicted me of. There is nothing wrong with speaking of sin and warning against it, but one thing, I know is true about non-believers, if you advertise Christianity as just a "give up your sins" proposition and leave the gospel out of it, the people stay lost, they are not in a relationship with God, they have not believed unto salvation, they have not loved Him because He first loved us.

Christianity to most people out there is wrongly a long list of rules, it is not a relationship.  To be frank, folks like the Duggars can lead people away from God, in their self righteousness, advertising the Christian life as a "perfect lifestyle". It reminds me when I was a nonbeliever and thought I never could be good enough to go to heaven and "be a Christian".  It made me despair in my sins. I still sin now, and but now can approach the altar of grace. Sadly there are many in this world who want to lead people away from the true gospel.

"Duggar went on to say that people disregard the Bible, using "all kinds of human logic" to try to justify their lifestyles. She gives examples of those who claim they've been living sinful lifestyles for years and don't believe God is angry with them; that a loving god would not send people to hell; that they have peace about their lifestyle and are listening to their heart; and that if God disapproved why doesn't He strike them dead?"

Being a Christian is more then just having the right lifestyle. Sadly the Duggars push a false view of Christianity that is all about having a together "perfect" lifestyle, picket fences, lots of babies and high incomes.  One's lifestyle is simply an outward appearance. Here Jessa Duggar is correct about those who will justify their sins but their hearts need to be changed but misses the main point.

"But people disregard the Bible, and instead use all kinds of human logic to try to justify their way of living:"First off, our human hearts are bent toward sin and not righteousness. We shouldn't follow the inclinations of our heart, but rather we know what is right and wrong according to what we find in God's Word: the Bible," Duggar wrote.
"This should be concerning to you. I know it was for me! When I saw myself in light of God's standard, and I knew that I fell short. But I found hope in the Gospel—the 'good news' of Jesus Christ! I would still be lost today were it not for His grace!
"Repent! Turn away from sin, and to Jesus Christ today! Be saved from the wrath to come. The believing man has Christ's perfect record put to their account. God gives him a new heart and new desires. If you find yourself a sinner in need of Jesus, then open your Bible today and begin to read the books of John and Romans. Let the Word of God root out the sins of your heart. Do not let up until you have found Salvation for your soul!"

Jessa Duggar is right that human hearts are bent toward sin and unrighteousness. She is also correct that that God's Word dictates what is right and wrong [I could even add how she is focused on the law here] and what is sin. However this portion disturbs me as she speaks of the 'good news' of Jesus Christ and even His grace and Christ's perfect record being put to their account but leaves out the most important part of faith in Jesus Christ which is believing unto Him.

John 1:12  Yet to all who received him, to those who believed in his name, he gave the right to become children of God.

The line about not letting up until you have found salvation for your soul definitely means she has things backwards. Salvation comes via faith when one is born again in Jesus Christ and then regenerated via the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit then convicts you of your sin leading you to repentance. Our own efforts, our own trying, our own not letting up is for naught.

 Romans 10
10 Brethren, my heart's desire and prayer to God for Israel is, that they might be saved.
For I bear them record that they have a zeal of God, but not according to knowledge.
For they being ignorant of God's righteousness, and going about to establish their own righteousness, have not submitted themselves unto the righteousness of God.
For Christ is the end of the law for righteousness to every one that believeth.
See: The Duggars, Bill Gothard, Vision Forum, and The Quiverful Movement

Post script: I went to go find her original post, she has some scripture added not quoted in the articles, and pretty much the same with more warnings of hell and of God's judgment on the wicked, but I noticed she put a judge's gavel up for the picture to go with what she wrote.  Remember I pointed out the focus on the law, instead of the gospel of grace? Here are the Dominonist influences too. The non-believers are there arguing with her but sadly, truth is being lost in the whole morass.

Friday, February 20, 2015

Why Do "Illuminati" Exposers on Youtube Use "Illuminati" Symbols for Themselves?

This may be kind of a weird post, but this is something bugging me. Many of these people even claim they are Christian or use the Bible to expose the Illuminati or Luciferianism in our world. So why do so many have strange names or Illuminati infused symbolism in their banners or introductions? Even if one is sincere why use the symbols of those you are warning against or the names that point to them? It definitely puts one off to see these occult symbols warned of and used in the same video.  It is kind of strange.

Honestly it is like me redoing the banner on this blog and putting a giant "horus" single eye on top. It's not going to happen of course! There are symbols one may use by mistake among the sincere, but some of these are pretty direct.

I find Round SaturnsEye's videos interesting. He exposes even some things I have here such as the use of false symbols in "Christian" bands such as Skillet's use of one eye on an album cover. He has many good warnings about false symbols in the so called Christian world.  I even have considered posting a couple of his videos but with a warning.  I have only seen around 2 of his videos, but what is with that intro? Why did he choose the name "round saturn eyes? Why does he have an Ourosboros "O" made out of water?

Then you see the ones who call themselves monikers that are derived from "Nephilim", or use a heart with a lightening strike through it--that one doesn't name himself as a Christian in that case.

Here is another example too. I do not know if they name themselves as a Christian or not, but they do expose things they call "Occult" or Illuminati" in their videos. Well even David Icke warns of the Illuminati and "evil". Why call yourself white rabbit? White Rabbit is another occult symbol used in Mk Ultra it is connected to the Alice in Wonderland programming. White rabbits as used by magicians? Why would you name your expose video channel that?

Be careful if you go and watch any videos. Be wary of any videos online that seek to expose with truths and lies mixed together. The "watchman" field is infiltrated to the max, as I have warned when it comes to discernment ministries. It is also infiltrated when it comes to Illuminati/Luciferian exposure to the max. Yes even on Youtube. I hope there are some sincere folks out there but when people use Illuminati or occult symbols on their videos I know from the start to be wary. I have posted videos for information even using questionable symbols on this blog but realize more caution will be needed.

"Conspiracy" and NWO awareness and "exposure" is becoming more mainstream. They will co-opt it and already have. When Madonna openly sings of the Illuminati and praises the all seeing eye as truth and light and people in the mainstream entertainment world openly shove these symbols in people's faces, I get the feeling they no longer care that people know they are Satanic. They know the majority of the world will be following the Antichrist. As far as the controllers of this world, they are bringing the Satanism into the full and open.

2 Cor 4:4 In whom the god of this world hath blinded the minds of them which believe not, lest the light of the glorious gospel of Christ, who is the image of God, should shine unto them.

Shirley MacLaine: Holocaust was due to Sins in Jews' Past Lives

Here is another sold out celebrity preaching Satan's lies. Karma is one of the most evil teachings out there. Rooted in false religions of Hinduism and Buddhism, it helps create the caste system in India where all suffering is seen as a person's fault or their karma being equalized. I meet more and more people who take the belief of karma to the extreme who believe if someone gets sick or poor, or has misfortunes happen to them, that is the "universe" equalizing all things. This is an evil teaching as we can see with Shirley MacLaine that wipes away all human compassion and leads to total moral insanity.


                                         [picture cite]

I don't have the time to check them all out.

Why would someone come to this blog for a set period of time where they disagree with main doctrines, and post away?

It is funny how a couple have hidden major disagreements from me. Why hang out on a blog where you share core differences and hid them?

One commenter didn't even believe Jesus Christ was God from sometime ago. I have posted that He is over and over, no comment about this. He shared no disagreements with this theological stance until it suddenly came up one day.

One commenter who didn't believe in demons, managed to keep this under her hat for months, I am sure some of my posts mentioned demons along the way.

Sometimes I do get some discernment about one, but it is hard to start banning otherwise polite commenters in front of others with no explanation. I already keep enough insults off the comments.

There are so many game players online, it's disgusting. I believe people come here to stir trouble and they tag team it too. Tag Team means they will even fight each other in front of us. The one complaining about a poster over and over until I left their comments off was troublesome. Their obsession made no sense. I can't keep track of what one commenter does elsewhere online. I am not a psychic to know their other identities.

It reminds me of the days on the Christian message boards.

You start wondering how many are real, or are not. There is one Christian message board where I believe the majority were astroturfers. These are played roles, where one person will pretend to be many others. They will seek to influence and confuse. At this particular message board I was isolated and ousted for questioning Christian Zionism and the Knights of Malta Dominionist contingent.

Probably websites that have heavy political and religious discussions get those who want to play gate keepers of thought. I wonder about one political and economic website where 80% of the commenters seem to share the same exact smarmy sense of humor.

I think about the games just to confuse people.

I want to keep the anonymous comments and definitely don't have the resources to ask every commenter if they are actually a born again Christian or not and what their beliefs really are.

I know that Satan's servants lie. Even here some may be sincerely deceived but I know the game players are here too.

Agents and Trolls On the Internet

The Problems with Christian Message Boards

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Make Sure You're Not in Cult!

This is a video exposing the Christadelphians. I was reading more about them. They sound just like Jehovah Witnesses, they deny the divinity of Jesus Christ. The founder was John Thomas, who had false predictions which according to the bible name him as a false prophet. I don't agree with the videographer on the pre-mill Rapture of course. It looks like the Christadelphians not only deny the existence of demons but hell as well. In that, I ask myself if they are related to the Unitarians, Unitarianism began out of the roots of denying hell. I believe they may be, I found this definition of them:

"The Christadelphians are a millenarian Christian group who hold a view of Biblical Unitarianism."

The teaching of baptism regeneration doesn't surprise me, that seems to be consistent among cults such as the SDA and others.

I do believe if someone is denying demons, or hell or other plain facts of scripture they have departed from the faith. They are being influenced by cult teachers. Even if Jim Brown may not have official connection to the Christadelphians, his teachings are influenced by them.

I was going around Youtube today looking at some of their websites, here I wanted to see what they said about hell. Hmm has one of their ministries marked itself with a Horus Eye and eclipse?

Christadelphians are considered "biblical Unitarians", I was correct in surmising that there is overlap with their teachings and the Unitarian Universalist Association. For newbies to this board, before I was born again, I am not only an ex-Catholic but was in the UUA for over 12 years.

Infowars Attacks Bible Believers

It doesn't surprise me. I have seen other articles with those messages in them from Infowars. Alex Jones is a deceiver.

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Jim Brown Teaches Demons Don't Really Exist!

Jim Brown of Grace and Truth Ministries Exposed.

I do not know the religious beliefs of the author--[hope he is not a Calvinist too] but I am seriously concerned about any teacher that teaches demons are not real. This is entering into EXTREME HERESY and abandoning the faith as given to the saints.

I saw a lot of other errors on his website but that one alone is to tell everyone to stay away. One technique many false teachers will use is to wrest scriptures into meaning something else. They either do this via their own special translations or changing the words themselves maybe even using Greek and Hebrew translations that are FALSE.  This was a technique I noticed that was used by Lew White and pals taking Hebrew which most people are not educated in and changing the meaning of words, to add to confusion.

 He claims that demons are simply "self" and not true entities. With that teaching he actually plays footsies with the Buddhists whose entire religion is based on annihilation of the self to seek Nirvana. He sounds like my Unitarian Universalist pastors who told me that demons are not real and that they were cultural precepts based on superstition and the lack of science. There is no explanation why manifestations of demons and spirits and possessions directed by witchdoctors are numerous in so many world cultures. Is he trying to compete with Joseph Campbell of PBS fame?

If someone has to write complicated charts, they are busy trying to fool you and do a snow job. I may review one of the videos later like the one below and update this article, but to an hour and 40 minutes commitment for just one video is a lot of time. Maybe I will get to it later today, to point out more. You probably can just skim through to get the gist. The description [in red] is bad enough. I already know he is a false teacher because he goes against scripture itself. Supposedly unclean spirits do not exist according to this guy.

And they came over unto the other side of the sea, into the country of the Gadarenes.
And when he was come out of the ship, immediately there met him out of the tombs a man with an unclean spirit,

"Demons' are not entities as defined by modern christian establishments. Scholar and minister Jim Brown analyzes Textus Receptus scripture and factors first century culture and custom to reveal what 'demons' actually are. The truth is shocking for most people. Part 1 of series."

Update comments: **********************************************
I skipped ahead to the 31:57 minute mark, this is when he starts talking about demons.

"If you can't hear what I am going to tell you about demons, if you can't hear what I am going to tell you about demons, then you can't hear what the bible says then by all you are stupid or "idiotos". Talk about mental manipulation!

He breaks down the word demon to diablos and then die and ballos.

I don't buy the word break-downs. I have only studied some Spanish but die and ballos mean other things in other languages. Die even means "the" in German. One could come up with all sorts of monkey-business translating words and breaking them into pieces. Ballos does not mean a ball, it means "dance" in other languages. Baile means DANCE in Spanish

When he says "If you refuse this you are stupid", he is massively manipulating!

Trying to claim Jesus was speaking slang or popular mode of speech is nonsense. A total lie, Jim Brown says of Jesus Christ: "He would never admit that a man had a demon":

Oh really?

Matthew 12:43-45King James Version (KJV)
43 When the unclean spirit is gone out of a man, he walketh through dry places, seeking rest, and findeth none.
44 Then he saith, I will return into my house from whence I came out; and when he is come, he findeth it empty, swept, and garnished.
45 Then goeth he, and taketh with himself seven other spirits more wicked than himself, and they enter in and dwell there: and the last state of that man is worse than the first. Even so shall it be also unto this wicked generation.

The "casting out of fortunes" is nonsense too.  This Greek dictionary says it means possessed. I googled the term daimonid and found nothing saying it meant "casting of fortunes". Diamond was the closest word. Did Jews call their sins demons? How would that work since Jews in the time of Jesus did not speak English? I'd like to see that one proven.

Does Jim Brown consider himself a Christadelphian? His teachings MATCH THEIRS almost exactly.

"The previous two sections have explained why we do not believe the devil or satan to be a personal being or a monster. If we accept that there is no such being, then it surely follows that demons, who are held to be the servants of the devil, also do not exist."

I heard enough and watched the video from 31:57 to 38:51.

One thing, many can use intellectual knowledge to deceive the simple. My years of sitting in the UU church with giant intellectual snow jobs using every field from anthropology to sociology to biology to reject Jesus Christ and His gospel were enough to forewarn me.

The Holy Spirit will warn all true believers to steer clear, but sadly here you see scripture being wrested using the trick of redefining words. Remember the Jesuits and their constant casuistry? Deceivers always play the game of saying "Hath God said?"

The Decline of Empathy

What is Empathy?

It is a given that it is declining in our society. Why are young people caring less and less about others?

This society is one that values hardness and lack of compassion. In fact as I have aged, the growing coldness of society is something I find harder and harder to cope with. While at times I am pleasantly surprised by nice people out in the world, we know something is changing far for the worse. My fellowship with Christians is some escape from it in this world, but many of you probably have seen this too....

1. Everything is about winning. Losers deserve to suffer is the whole message. Winning is the only thing that counts. Among the cold battling it out, everything is a competition, and other human beings are seen as people to "get over on" and to squash. Isn't that what Hunger Games was made to brainwash young people with? A kind of "kill" or be "killed" ethos? Toddlers used to be taught to "share" but the adults aren't providing much of an example. With these mentalities, the win at all costs messages kills compassion. It simply makes other human beings your competition. Winning in American society means "being hard" and giving no place to others, thusly far less empathy.

2. The standards of what makes a "good" person have been twisted. Character is out the door and everything is about bean counter standards of perfect cholesterol scores, fit bodies, high fashion, and being the best worker bee. I've written about the carrot on stick mentalities, but most are following those and judge those who have not accepted the rat race ethos as being deficient. Everyone wants to work on their own personal bucket list. Who cares about Empathy when you are busy crawling up the mountain and knocking the people you see as obstacles out of your way?

3. Everything is your fault! If something bad happens to you, contrary to the Bibles teaching that it rains on the just and unjust, lost people who have pushed such theological lies as KARMA, have taught the general populace that misfortune means you did something wrong. This can range from poverty even to severe illness like cancer. This of course goes along with the false positive thinking nonsense.  If people believe that those who have good things all deserve them and all the poor, sick, disabled, or other down and out people made "bad decisions", empathy is crushed under people who judge wrongly.

Being real in American society often means opening yourself up to some types who think they are superior to everyone else.

4. Softer emotions are disdained. I have noticed a huge increase in the growing superficiality in American culture as I have aged. No one wants to appear "weak". Tears are to be hidden.  Troubles to be shoved out the door and a false plastic face put on. One sad thing is that softer emotions are being ousted out the door as hearts growing harder. It is impossible for people to care about others in the right way and to show empathy if they are allowing their hearts to be frozen. It is impossible to care if no one knows anything that is really happening in the secret-keeping world among the non-empathetic. 

Any vulnerabilities to some seem to be a "red flag" to go on the attack. One thing when you are around those who prey on "weakness", they remain strangers because they aren't going to be sharing their troubles or weak spots with you! Boring small talk predominates as everything is about how "perfect" someone is and how they have measured up.

5. Our communities are breaking up. Social disconnection is impacting empathy in a very negative fashion. Social life in America is dying. Even if you have friends, the extensive networks that used to bolster up life are disappearing. Too many conduct their social lives via the screen more then in the real world anymore especially in a world where everyone moves away.

Lack of empathy is how the right side of the New World Order got to play their games of giving more power to the bankers and elite in society. This is why they could name the poor or other groups as the "enemy" your average Republican confessing Christian could see as the "fault" of all that is wrong in this country instead of understanding how the wicked were cleaning out the tills. Instead of listening to Jesus Christ about love and compassion, they listen to politicians. Don't think I'm giving the left any excuses, their growing coldness and lack of empathy advanced abortion and many other evil things.

                                                    [picture cite]
Empathy is being lost in this world. The Bible does not use the word EMPATHY but I believe COMPASSION is a close runner. It speaks of loving others too. What does it mean to be compassionate but to put yourself in another person's shoes? More and more in our narcissistic society this is becoming less and less.

 I have to face my own times where I may lack of empathy and confront my own sins but I do worry, about the growing hardness out there. There's too many people who seem proud of their hardness. They want to crush those they see as "weaker". If I see someone acting like that, it does lead me to question where they are truly coming from. That is life for the children of the father of lies, not for the children of God.

1 Peter 3:8King James Version (KJV)
Finally, be ye all of one mind, having compassion one of another, love as brethren, be pitiful, be courteous:

Do You Love Others: Do Not Let Your Love Wax Cold

The Grammy's Satanic Show

I won't go into too much detail here, but this is from this year's Grammys. The frogs are fully boiled and loving the Satanic shows. This time there were devil horn's galore on the dancers and on the audience too. I tend to think that there is a "conspiracy" within a conspiracy here, to desensitize the population as we spoke about on the last Super Bowl article. If you think about it, if the outwardly Satanic is embraced and "enjoyed" by the lost, how will they shock and awe the next year? We are seeing a world growing more evil.

Bob Larson Dressed as a Priest

I still remember seeing this guy exposed on a news show "exorcising demons" at a Holiday Inn.
He will not be teaching truth about getting rid of demons. Many hand signs in the above too though of more subtle nature with the thumb sticking up.  He will promote extensive Catholic influenced ceremonies, involving false holy water instead of just casting out the demons in the name of Jesus Christ. "It is just not saying prayers and telling it to go". He tells people to get a pastor or a priest. It is not a bad idea to have 2 or 3 Christians together that part is alright. He promotes Catholic-like exorcisms.

The people in the above video all look like they are acting. It looks like they are all copying their favorite horror movies. I saw someone who was possessed, this was in the days before I was a Christian. I saw this man's eyes turn totally black, no whites in the eyes, nothing. It was so unsettling I can't even describe it in words. I totally parted ways with him but he would go on to more evil acts. Many of us as Christians can discern the spirits if we are open to the Holy Spirit. I had someone show me the picture of this artist and had a bad "feeling" and then they showed me pictures of their artwork and it looked like they were channeling the demons in, since some appeared in the horrible art work.

Possession and demons are real but sadly there are many charlatans out there and wicked people deceiving when it comes to heavy spiritual warfare. There are many false deliverance ministries out there. Many false Charismatic churches will abuse via this area, and tell people that they need the "demon" of "bad finances" cast out and such. I know a person who even got grabbed by a Charismatic church when she was in college, and they decided she needed demons cast out of her.

Acts Chapter 16

16 And it came to pass, as we went to prayer, a certain damsel possessed with a spirit of divination met us, which brought her masters much gain by soothsaying:
17 The same followed Paul and us, and cried, saying, These men are the servants of the most high God, which shew unto us the way of salvation.
18 And this did she many days. But Paul, being grieved, turned and said to the spirit, I command thee in the name of Jesus Christ to come out of her. And he came out the same hour.

Ray Comfort and Bono

It's sad seeing pastors taking "Mr. Mephistopheles" seriously about "jesus". In fact if someone believes that Bono is actually a Christian they have absolutely no discernment whatsoever. The double messages are meant to influence people's minds in a negative fashion. Of course Ray Comfort is a false preacher.

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

The Vanishing Male Worker

Proverbs 19:7 All the brethren of the poor do hate him: how much more do his friends go far from him? he pursueth them with words, yet they are wanting to him.

The Vanishing Male Worker: How America Fell Behind.

If you see the chart you will that Generation X men and the millennials [under the age of 55] have been absolutely devastated economically. My husband is one of the thrown-away male workers. He has been under-employed for years. He does freelance that is low paid and offers no insurance. He has needed vein surgery for years. This is a reality many do not even realize is going on. We are entering an economy where real jobs are rare, its spackled together work as technology takes over. Of course we have the Liar's party telling us the economy is doing great while the Evil party tells us that the poor are at fault and should be thrown in the gutter.

Poverty in the USA is growing. Do not believe the mainstream news. They are hiding a lot. The economy is still in a free-fall.  Enjoy the lower gas prices but they are an ominous sign. There has been no recovery. We have been lied to. Some of us are living the real economy, and know it's lies.

This is the real unemployment rate. They do not count those who dropped out long ago.

The 1% are making out like bandits while many go without needed food and medicine. As I have written, I am in a very low socioeconomic group. This blog is only possible via some blessings from God, but I live on the lower tiers in America. This vantage point does give me a different view of the world. I used to be even poorer, the level of poverty where one doesn't own a phone, where medicine and food were very hard to come by, and where dumpster diving came into the mix.

Life is strange for me because we moved to a more affluent community out of a rural community to survive, I do not relate to many of the lives I see around me. However even around me, is the hidden homelessness and people living without much hope. Some are disabled, and some are working jobs that are so low paid, they have no chance for advancement or stability. It is scary to see how some have money for endless vacations and shopping while others live in fear for a room over their heads. Poverty as one ages can get more sad, you think of people you haven't been able to visit, you worry seriously about being behind the shopping cart in the streets. Homelessness is not an abstract concept to me. I have had homeless friends. I have been very close to it myself with only a rented room to live in.

Did any of you hear about the man walking 21 miles to work, who is now being helped. That man knew a full time factory job at 10.55 an hour was nothing to sneeze at. I remember begging for a factory job like that in one old town, as I worked temp and had repeated lay-offs. I had my days of two hours each way to work to a job on a bus but I suppose that fellow beats many hands down. He knew his options were few if he ever lost his job. In many states if you are able bodied you cannot get welfare or even Food stamps, his options was to walk or starve. I understand why he made that decision. Imagine a man like that who loses his health, maybe he can't walk that far. Then what does he do?

I have been facing severe spiritual tests related to economic troubles and worries. Please pray for me. I know a Christian is not to live in fear but my days of worse poverty weight heavily on me. The other day making beans for dinner and discussions over trying to figure out what to eat-food in America grows ever more expensive and lower in quality, I had some times of worrying. One gets angry and tired.  You feel like you have failed to even have a proper life. Poverty means making no plans and scratching by day by day. We barely can keep things going with a 12 year old car and a small apartment. Things here always seem on the edge of collapse. Maybe you live like that too. Our bills are skyrocketing. Already we have questioned the long term ability of affording our present domicile. The levels of stress in this country are insane.

Poverty or poverty worries can bring negative emotions forward one has to take repeatedly to God. I sometimes fear this world spiritually crushing me. I suppose it is better for a Christian to be on guard then ignoring where some of the pitfalls are in one's own life. I have prayed to God for relief. Poverty can make one feel like one's entire life is a failure as far as this world goes. God can rescue us from those feelings, but it is a hardship. I know some of the baggage I carry came from some wicked family members who judged me harshly for not being middle class, and who taught me materialism I now reject.

Being poor in America has severe stigma to it. I think of all these men who were denied proper work lives as the politicians in America outsourced all the jobs. They probably were told they were and are losers and like they are lesser men. I have known many men in this position. Some like the man in the picture above move in with elderly parents who are offended and angry that their son has no job or career and blame him since life was so different in the generations before.  Men cannot support a family on 7 dollars an hour. They are setting up our society where family life and stability is being ruined. An old elderly neighbor in my old town, told me she can tell life is deteriorating as young people do not have good jobs to build lives with. Future generations are doing far worse. The millennials aren't even getting decent apartments or family lives. Generation X already saw things go south.

I haven't written on the economy as much here, but it is still making it's slow descent. Some have warned of a huge event and dollar collapse but now I wonder if just a slow crush and decline is what they have in the plans instead.

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Pope Francis Makes Horned Hand Sign

Hey they all do it.

It is similar to the sign for I Love you, but Helen Keller, who developed sign language, was into Theosophy (founded by Satanist Blavatsky), the satanic group that Krishnamurti rejected, so it actually means 'I Love You Satan' (The first social and religious association for deaf people was founded by Abbe de L'Epee, a French Catholic Jesuit priest, in Paris). Who would pick a very old satanic sign as the sign for I Love You?  Hardly coincidental unless you believe in the tooth fairy. "

Another Occult Superbowl

I decided I'd put up a video exposing this years Super Bowl, rather then going detail by detail myself. It did not fail in showing their usual satanic displays. I've grown only more and more disgusted and horrified with the one eyed masonic and other displays but these are things that still need to be warned about. Evil is so banal as we see the same loathsome displays in so many entertainment areas now. There's tons of confessing Christians out there watching the Super Bowl. They would never even imagine what the displays in front of their eyes mean but they need to know.

I never watched a video of the half time show, and think it's better to just look at the pictures to know what is going on. I don't want to hear what passes for music nowadays among the masses. Warning: The name of the video-maker bugs me, "White Rabbit" since it is from Alice in Wonderland. I am not sure of the video author's intentions using this as a moniker but it even too has that whole "mind control" vibe to it.

I am pondering one issue lately with the "layers of deception" more and more, and this I brought up long ago discussing the website Vigilant Citizen which I stopped reading long ago--the constant Trojans attacking my computer didn't help, and am more and more wondering if they are simply trying to desensitize people to these Satanic displays. Sometimes this troubles me even when I do this blog. I think "How much should I show?".

 I certainly don't want to help them out immersing all our eyeballs and minds into their Satanic show of spells and rituals but it is something troubling me more and more. There's just too many markers even on the exposers, and yes some of this stuff can make me feel a bit queasy. So consider this as a video put up for information but take with a grain of salt. There's times I can't even explain to you all the depth to which this world horrifies me on so many spiritual levels. Maybe some of you feel the same.

I think year by year the Satanic symbols increase. Anyhow they are up to their usual games. This one goes into the basics. They had "the women riding the beast" and more shown in the video. I didn't watch it though my husband in another room was watching the game and I only saw some of the fourth quarter in the background. He always gets to hear my comments about the modern Roman gladiators, and I told him I think all the games are fixed too, for all the bookies and the NWO types making their money. At least he does not get upset at me for talking about this.

These Superbowl half time shows are always full of NWO symbolism and their occult rituals.

Pastor Uses Bed As a Pulpit

FOX 26 News | MyFoxHouston It looks like the sinking to the lowest common denominator sermons haven't ended. Sad, this one got more people in the door.

Monday, February 2, 2015

Office Puts Chips Into Staff's Hands

Office Puts Chips Into Staff's Hands

Taking the mark of the beast for a job in Sweden? It is a pretty God-less country, there's fewer people there reading the book of Revelation or who are being born again. Even just thinking of the secular sheeple aspect of this, would you want your boss knowing every time you are in the bathroom? Some humans want to be slaves. I was glad one young man in the article, says "Absolutely not!". They are busy warming up people for acceptance of this.

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