Monday, January 27, 2014

Newswithviews Writer Says Politics Belong in Church!

I was going to post about Newswithviews, since I used to read their website years ago but it was something I never got around to. I used to ask myself why they so rarely mentioned the Vatican in the world affairs they discussed. Cliff Kincaid, would warn us about that the "Vatican Backs Obama's Global Agenda", when the truth was more the other way around, and left out the role of the right side of the new world order. Sure there would be a few mentions too of Tom Horn and Petrus Romanus and that sort of thing, but I realized things were off there several years ago.

 Google the "Newswithviews" and you can find their website. One of their article writers is Chuck Baldwin, but then they used to have Catholic church loving Constance Cumbey on there too from time to time. Sure some of the articles are good and tell many truths which stand up to RINO/NeoCon land--"Stop TPP" is on there this week as well as articles against Agenda 21 and Common Core. Still there were always many things that bothered me. I came to see it as a would be  controlled opposition net for those who see through the Republican party's team work with the new world order. Remember what I wrote here?

If you look at the list of writers on the left of the website, you will other names mentioned that have been connected in various places with the Council on National Policy and other "networks".

This video is an example of some of what I am talking about. They push the Dominionism in so many avenues don't they? This is so ludicrous as if the churches aren't already taken over by politics? As if the failed culture wars weren't the main prerogative of so many churches?

The sad thing is how many will believe this guy.

Politics of Deceit

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Interesting Magazine Cover

This is an upcoming magazine planned for March 2014. Here is the source

Of course the Philadelphia Trumpet is published by the Worldwide Church of God now called the Philadelphia church of God. I consider it a false church.

"The Philadelphia Trumpet is a monthly news and prophecy magazine published by the Philadelphia Church of God (PCG). The editor-in-chief is Gerald Flurry, who is also the leader of the PCG and characterizes the magazine as the successor to The Plain Truth magazine when it was under the aegis of the Worldwide Church of God when run by the late Herbert W. Armstrong. The only advertisements in the magazine are for various pamphlets and booklets published by the PCG, for the Armstrong College Bible Correspondence Course, and a list of broadcast times for The Key of David. The Trumpet reports on worldwide events as seen through the lens of Bible prophecy as taught by the PCG." [wikepdia]

They do consider the Catholic church a false church, but have many of their own errors to offer as well.

I consider this magazine cover blasphemous even if they meant it facetiously! There is truth in that even here I have warned about how the Pope and Vatican have called for new authority over the world's economic system but calling the Pope "A SAVIOR" even with a question mark behind it is not good.

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Chinese Pollution

How can they breathe? Asthmatics must be weeded out fast. It seems a lot of the smog is formed via industry and coal burning for heating. So much human suffering, I especially feel for the children and will pray. All those outsourced jobs and now the Chinese have been poisoned ,manufacturing for the West, cheap factory products. Most people there are of humble means, so are just trying to survive but can you imagine living in what you see in the above? I tend to think it can't keep going on. Breathing will take precedent over everything else if it gets bad enough. Human beings can't live in a gas chamber of pollutants.

Are the Chinese buying up American property to have somewhere clean to move to after their country is poisoned via the multi-national corporations that wanted to pay slave-labor wages and escape all environmental regulation?

Remember this article? How come they ignore the bigger infrastructure problems for all the screens and distraction. My opinion is that the new world order doesn't want some problems solved. This could be China's set up for Agenda 21.

By the way some of the pollution blows over to the USA. [and I'm sure other countries]

China's Exports Linked to Western USA Air Pollution.

This Speaks For Itself.......

Hmm many "knowing deceiver" types love to mock their very followers.

This goes way beyond someone slipping up out of anger and writing something sinful too.

What on earth otherwise would entice someone to post something as nasty as that unless inside his heart he hates Christians [the real ones] ?

I had a reader send this to me, Thanks.

See: The Whosoevers

Matt 15:19 For out of the heart proceed evil thoughts, murders, adulteries, fornications, thefts, false witness, blasphemies:

Why is Calvinism Getting So Popular Among Baptists and Evangelicals?

                                                       [picture cite]--interesting hand gesture.

Evangelicals Find Themselves in the Midst of a Calvinist Revival

"Evangelicalism is in the midst of a Calvinist revival. Increasing numbers of preachers and professors teach the views of the 16th-century French reformer. Mark Driscoll, John Piper and Tim Keller — megachurch preachers and important evangelical authors — are all Calvinist. Attendance at Calvin-influenced worship conferences and churches is up, particularly among worshipers in their 20s and 30s.
In the Southern Baptist Convention, the country’s largest Protestant denomination, the rise of Calvinism has provoked discord. In a 2012 poll of 1,066 Southern Baptist pastors conducted by LifeWay Research, a nonprofit group associated with the Southern Baptist Convention, 30 percent considered their churches Calvinist — while twice as many were concerned “about the impact of Calvinism.”

Calvinism is a theological orientation, not a denomination or organization. The Puritans were Calvinist. Presbyterians descend from Scottish Calvinists. Many early Baptists were Calvinist. But in the 19th century, Protestantism moved toward the non-Calvinist belief that humans must consent to their own salvation — an optimistic, quintessentially American belief. In the United States today, one large denomination, the Presbyterian Church in America, is unapologetically Calvinist."

Calvinism to be blunt is just another ROAD TO ROME. I believe Calvinism to be a daughter of Rome and that includes the deceiver Calvin himself. Here is an earlier article of mine:

Why I am not a Calvinist

Calvinism is spreading out there. James White is one, as well as those Pyromaniac guys with their funny Emergent posters. While some of these folks such as the White Horse Inn  people reject ecumenism, most seem to ignore the fact that most followers of Calvin are marching after Rome Just about every Reformed and Presbyterian church is on the WCC and other lists. Calvin held to early Catholic church councils and some of the traditions such as burning people at the stake just like the Pope.

One odd thing to me, is I know enough about Anabaptist history to know Calvinists burned them at the stake too. So why does one have to even watch out in IFB churches today for pastors going Calvinist and embracing all of it's teachings? Do these folks realize the OTHER things that Calvin taught?

Calvinists often are proud of being strong when it comes to doctrine but why don't they realize Calvin's VERY CATHOLIC like beliefs?

I'm going to strip this down:

Calvin believed in ORIGINAL SIN [original sin is a false doctrine pushed by Rome too]

Calvin believed AUGUSTINE was a true teacher.

"Sometimes Calvinism is referred to by other names such as "Augustinianism" because Calvin followed Augustine (A.D. 354–430) in many areas of predestination and the sovereignty of God." [cite]
Calvin clung to the early church fathers too. [he admits some errors] What of the scripture here to call no man father?

From the book: 

"Getting the Reformation Wrong: Correcting Some Misunderstandings"

Calvin ordered people BURNED AT THE STAKE

"On 17 June, Michel de Villeneuve was convicted of heresy, "thanks to the 17 letters sent by John Calvin, preacher in Geneva"[24] and sentenced to be burned with his books. An effigy and his books were burned in his absence.
Meaning to flee to Italy, Servetus inexplicably stopped in Geneva, where Calvin and his Reformers had denounced him. On 13 August, he attended a sermon by Calvin at Geneva. He was arrested after the service[25] and again imprisoned. All his property was confiscated. Servetus claimed during this judgement he was arrested at an inn at Geneva. French Inquisitors asked that Servetus be extradited to them for execution. Calvin wanted to show himself as firm in defense of Christian orthodoxy as his usual opponents. "He was forced to push the condemnation of Servetus with all the means at his command"
Servetus wasn't the only one, 58 were put to death. Ever wonder why the Puritans as inheritors of Calvin's deceptions got so busy burning people at the stake? These people were all children of Rome via that alone!

Calvin believed in the EUCHARIST, not in Transubstantiation like the Catholics or the Lutheran view, but one that wasn't very far off the ranch and still held to "mysteries".

"Calvin approached the subject with a strong sense of the mystery of the vital union of Christ with the believer, which is celebrated in the eucharist. "I exhort my readers," he says, in the last edition of his Institutes, "to rise much higher than I am able to conduct them; for as to myself, whenever I handle this subject, after having endeavored to say everything, I am conscious of having said but very little in comparison with its excellence. And though the conceptions of the mind can far exceed the expressions of the tongue; yet, with the magnitude of the subject, the mind itself is oppressed and overwhelmed. Nothing remains for me, therefore, but to break forth in admiration of that mystery, which the mind is unable clearly to understand, or the tongue to express."865"

"He agreed with Zwingli in the figurative interpretation of the words of institution, which is now approved by the best Protestant exegetes, and rejected the idea of a corporal presence and oral participation in the way of transubstantiation or consubstantiation, which implies either a miracle or an omnipresence of the body of Christ. But he was not satisfied with a purely commemorative or symbolical theory, and laid the chief stress on the positive side of an actual communion with the ever-living Christ.

He expressed in private letters the opinion that Zwingli had been so much absorbed with overturning the superstition of a carnal presence that he denied or obscured the true efficacy of the sacrament.866866  

   "He acknowledged the mystery of the real presence and real participation, but understood them spiritually and dynamically"
Remember when I wrote the Daughter Protestant articles? These articles apply. Many see the REFORMATION as wholly biblical but it was not. While YES SOME TRUTHS were in it such as "Sola Scripture" and people rebelled against Rome's lies, much of what was Romanist to begin was KEPT INTACT. Some may say, "What on earth do you mean?" You are no academic, no intellectual" but again let's strip that down there too.

The DAUGHTERS all hold to the SACRAMENTS and TRADITIONS of ROME. Sure some may be removed such as transubstantiation or watered down, but just remember that fact. Calvin for all his truths such as SOLA SCRIPTURE definitely DID.  Calvinism is a different version of the RCC to fool the masses. Another avenue that is a another false gospel.

The Daughters: Protestant Churches #3: False Sacraments, Rituals and Rites

So when one finds out that Calvin supported INFANT BAPTISM too, What does that tell you?

The arguments whether people "choose" to be saved [free will] or whether they are elected [chosen by God] I consider round about useless sort of stuff. This may confuse a few, but I believe "both are true" in a sense. God can call a person but they can choose not to obey. This idea that God made millions of humans to go die in hell knowing this from the start is ludicrous. The Calvinist view of god is tyrannical. The Catholic "god" sends people to burn in Purgatory and the Calvin "god" brings people to earth to be born with hell as their final destination from the start!

                                    [picture cite]

I get the feeling the Calvinist pastors like selling the idea of each of their congregations being the "chosen" people while all the "rotten" people outside the door were "predestined" to hell. Human pride seems to love this sort of thing.

When I was newly saved, I encountered Calvinists on line. I barely knew what it was at the time. Some of them could quote the Bible like crazy and snip it into a million pieces. They seemed like very intellectual folks but in one odd sense they reminded me of very dry Unitarian academics. They could make anything interesting sound boring. My biggest point about Calvinism was "WHERE IS THE LOVE?" There definitely was the same focus on the straining of gnats and religious systems as in Catholicism. I was NEVER tempted to enter a Reformed or Presbyterian or Calvin derived church when newly saved.

Why is Calvinism getting so popular out there to the baptist and evangelical crowd? Here's my musings on the subject.

1. The false pastors love it, they slice and dice the Bible and can do endless intellectual forays with the Bible and literally confuse people. Unless one is taking real time, prayer and study with the Lord, Calvinism can fool EASILY. It sounds so "smart", it uses "big words". Many Christians want to focus on doctrine and "get things right" before God. This is good the Bible tells us that doctrine is important, but Calvinism subverts this and uses it to steer people wrong. Remember what I have said about the Jesuits and Rome and how they fool people with their Latin and other casuistry.

2. Calvinism serves as a false path and ditch that contradicts and provides an alternative to the dumbed down seeker sensitive churches and churches that focus on emotionality. Satan knows that more intellectual and quiet personalities are not going to get into the rolling around Charismatic nonsense seeking new experiences or simple repetitive "unchurched" lessons in  your average megachurch. It is another side of the coin. It provides bait for those who love to study and want to be "experts" but lack the Holy Spirit for the truth. This verse would apply:

2 Timothy 3:7 Ever learning, and never able to come to the knowledge of the truth.

3. The increasing Dominionism in the churches blends with Calvinism quite easily. Calvin retained the Dominionism of Rome. Calvin definitely wanted church and state married. He promoted church and state marriage in Geneva. Why wouldn't this translate today to advance Calvinism when many would love to turn American into a theocracy following the Geneva model when Calvin wanted to turn Geneva into a "kingdom of God"? Calvin set himself up as dictator basically and even had a "secret police" that punished citizens for a variety of infractions. Servetus was not the only one put to death.

4. Calvinism and the Covenant Theology and the churches you see having their members sign covenants all goes together. These are Religious systems of control that are loved by false pastors too. This is the path where all the false traditions and love of the early wolves aka "church fathers" leads, back to "clergy".

These are the main things influencing the path to Calvinism out there.

Obviously among those ignorant of the devices of Rome and who are being led by the nose back to Catholic traditions and beliefs, thinking wrongly the Reformation wiped all that away, Calvinism will be growing more popular. They have Calvinism for the intellectuals and the Emergent movement for the more emotionally inclined with the Baptist churches. Calvinism is even going into fundamentalist churches, and often these are the type of churches joining with the Patriarchy and Quiverful movements though obviously not all churches of that ilk are Calvinist. 

Did you all know the Southern Baptist Convention issued a "Let's All Get Along Paper"-[my title for it] regarding the infusion of Calvinism in their churches?

"We affirm that Southern Baptists stand together in a commitment to cooperate in Great Commission ministries," the report says. "We affirm that, from the very beginning of our denominational life, Calvinists and non-Calvinists have cooperated together. We affirm that these differences should not threaten our eager cooperation in Great Commission ministries.
Calvinism is FALSE and one more way these churches are FALLING AWAY!

Wednesday, January 15, 2014


Rev 6:8 And I looked, and behold a pale horse: and his name that sat on him was Death, and Hell followed with him.

Have any of you been reading about Fukushima? It's a dark topic, I will admit I have avoided because it is so troubling.  I have also delayed doing so because I am not sure if it is fear-mongering or which news is true, though I doubt we are being given the full story. The bible prophecies regarding the pale horse which some prophecy teachers have deemed as world-wide radiation poisoning could apply here.  Since they have been pouring literally endless gallons of radioactive water into the Pacific ocean, it is a scary picture especially if you know bible prophecy about our oceans dying. There have been many reports of sea-life and fish dying off in the Pacific.  Some of the "conspiracy" crowd are reporting that the radiation has reached the West Coast of America now. I wonder too what is happening to the people in Japan as well.

Revelation 11:18 And the nations were angry, and thy wrath is come, and the time of the dead, that they should be judged, and that thou shouldest give reward unto thy servants the prophets, and to the saints, and them that fear thy name, small and great; and shouldest destroy them which destroy the earth.

Worse then NAFTA: The TPP [Trans-Pacific Partnership]

These videos are being posted for information about the TPP not as endorsement. The TPP will be far worse then NAFTA was in destroying the USA economy and giving power and control to the global elites and multi-national corporations. Notice the rules around in the second video around the 3:00 minute mark regarding the Internet and the way they could push GMOS around the 4:00 minute mark.

Most people haven't even heard of the TPP, this is definitely something being kept from much of the news but it's pushing things down the globalist path, and condensing more power for the elites.

Friday, January 10, 2014

Biometric Tithing Machines At A Church

Watch with discernment. I do not agree with this pastor on everything, he has Ruckman books who he seems to support on his shelf.  Funny, he mentions the extreme security, I talked about how that was one reason I did not attend a far away IFB. The ushers who had all the bearing of security guards seriously concerned me. A biometric tithing machine is bad news. Why collect finger prints of church members so they can give you money? I will not give fingerprints for banking purposes, at least where I live that is not common and not asked for but I have been in a big city bank that wanted one. It's a way to know where all the "Christians" are too. Isn't it?

See: Tithing

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Seed Sower's Warning About Joyce Meyers

This video goes into something I've warned about many times, the "best lives now" deception that false teachers like Joyce Meyers push. These preachers sell themselves through the false love of money. Do not sell yourself out for the things of this world against God's will.

My Questions about IFBs and Baptists

                                           [picture cite]

I was in a good IFB church for some years when I was born again.

This church broke apart after I moved, the old pastor moved on, and another pastor moved in. They kept the name, lost the building but merged and moved to another town, and all the old members left.

Today though, I have kept contact with many Christian brothers and sisters from that church. While there are perhaps a few decent independent Baptist churches out there, there are many of those too entering into apostate land.

I have visited a few IFBs in the last years, hoping perhaps I could find a place to fellowship again where there is biblical truth but the chance seems more and more remote. In many ways I have progressed beyond some commonly IFB beliefs, while obviously holding on to other essentials listed below. I suppose one could call me a "fundamentalist" like the ex-IFB pastor now atheist who told me I was still a fundamentalist in methodology though I know avoid the term for obvious reasons.

Based on the classic 5 fundamentals and the KJV as God's True Word in English [not a la Ruckman and extremists in the KJV Only movement], yes the world would probably consider me a "Christian fundamentalist".

I agree with even most of this stuff:
C.    The Baptist Acrostic
(Taken from page 82 of "Truths Every Christian Needs To Know" by Clarence Sexton)

B – Biblical authority: the Bible is the sole authority for all faith and practice
A – Autonomy of the local church: self governing
P – Priesthood of believers: every believer has access to the Lord Jesus Christ
T – Two church officers – pastors and deacons
I –  Individual soul liberty
S – Saved church membership
T – Two church ordinances : baptism and the Lord’s Supper
S – Separation of church and state

But there's many things that do not match:

Many IFB churches teach these things I do not agree with and have exposed on this blog:

1. Dispensationalism. [a Pre-Trib Rapture] This is the majority by far.

2. Christian Zionism. Some stress this more then others.

3. Dominionism. This has grown even more in the churches from what I have personally seen.

4. Only some teach this but it's growing out there: The Patriarchy Movement.

5. Support of the Police state, Skewing of Romans 13 and Jingoism.

6. Authoritarianism

7. Pastor Networks that don't seem any different from the rest of the churches.

8. Tithing

9. The One Man Show. [some of course are better then others on this one, allowing other men to preach, elder system etc]

Many of these per the links above, I've been posting on for some time. We know too the falling away of the churches isn't just for the mainlines but predicted for the entire church system and it's happening even to the conservatives and "fundamentalist" ones.

Over the years I have visited a couple IFBs including a long-distance one a year ago, and I made the mistake of visiting it on Memorial Day, and while this place seemed to cling to some of what was biblical, such as KJV Bibles and a direct gospel message, one telling moment was there as I sat in in the pews, and they had a jumbo-screen on the wall, actually with a picture of flying jets on it, singing the praises of America as a Christian nation, and I thought "What am I doing here?"

I didn't write about this church visit much except a little bit on the Scattered Sheep article because I was so overcome, thinking this was my very last option and it was a 60 mile round trip from home, which considering my humble budget would have meant occasional visits not regular ones. One strange thing that church had going was big burly men, with ear pieces and dressed in suits all standing guard around us. They never sat down and there were 6-7 of them I saw. For a church in a rural community that is not known for a high crime level and about 150 people in the pews it seemed unnecessary. I don't know if this church had a bad experience with someone violent or if the pastor read or saw a book on church "security" and decided to go all out with it but it was very weird.  It reminded me of an event I wrote about on this very blog, where someone was hauled out and held for arrest, by another church. The Holy Spirit told me for this and multiple other reasons, I did not belong there.

The church world is it's own place. Many of my readers are out of the church system like myself.  What gets me is the sameness of what I saw over the last 7 years.

I want to start exploring some Baptist topics here soon.

Some questions I want to ask and want to write about here are...

1. Why is full immersion so important to Baptists?

2. Why are so many IFB churches going to Calvin for answers? [and ignoring scripture in doing so]

3. Why are the majority of Baptist churches ecumenical outside of the few IFBs and independents?

4. Why did Baptists embrace dispensationalism and Scofield? Why do so few deviate from this norm?

5. What is the history of the Anabaptists? I know very little, far less about them then many other churches. Where did they come about?

6. What's with this History of the Baptist book from the 1800s, that claims linkage to early church fathers who are false? You all are quite familiar about what I think of early church fathers, as a false root. Was this author the norm in his thinking at the time?

7. Why are IFBs going Dominionist?

8. IFB pastors [old and present] with false teachings and dubious political and new world order connections that are as bad as the obvious Baptist deceivers.

Today I tell people I am simply a Christian, years ago I may have told people, I am an "independent Baptist" but that definitely changed and has ended.  I have seen websites where they write that Baptist churches are part of the Babylonian church system.  Let's be frank the majority of Baptist denominations outside the "fundamentalist" ones are signed on to the UN, Vatican, WCC system and part of the harlot.

"Baptist" as a word today means everything from Bill Clinton and Rick Warren. We already know those groups are far off the scriptural reservation.  My main focus will be IFBs and exploring what they came out of and what they became today and how they are changing but I am wondering about Baptists as a whole.

 I could be going into new territory here that may upset some of my readers since I suspect I probably have many IFB attenders among my readership. There was some wariness too about going into this new terrain, as for a long time as I held out hope of finding another church family perhaps in another IFB that preached truth but in many ways I've moved on making this more impossible. I can't say that day would never come but what are the chances of finding a church that has broken free of the Republican/Glenn Beck-watching/Dominionist/Easter-Christmas celebrating matrix?

There are saved Christians in these churches who are brothers and sisters of ours, and I suppose I want to delve into some of these questions even for their sake and what they are taking for granted from many of the pastors.  Here tell me even if you have ever heard of an IFB that rejects or preaches against Christmas because I sure haven't. When I was in my good IFB, I remember asking a lot of questions. I warned against the new world order and passed out pamphlets warning against Christmas. Very few are writing about things happening in the "fundamentalist" churches outside of a few nonbelievers who are not Christians and wish to detract from Christianity as a whole.

We are to test all things according to scripture. There are many things in IFB churches taken for granted that very few question. Have any of you thought about these sort of things too?  Tell me what you think and if there is any area you would like explored? Please share your own experiences, if you are a Christian without a church specifically with visiting IFB churches.

Group unveils design of Satan statue for Oklahoma State Capitol

This is where all the cultural warrior stuff leads where they want government and religion married. I always saw the ten commandments on the courthouse lawn wars as theatrical nonsense for the Dominionists. Soon the Buddhists, Hindus and Wiccans will claim their corners too. The statue is total evil and I am sure they include children on it to add to the wicked symbols.