Sunday, August 25, 2013

Famous Celebrities Admit Their Deals With Satan

The "god" of this world is deceiving many via entertainment:

2 Corinthian 4:4 "In whom the god of this world hath blinded the minds of them which believe not, lest the light of the glorious gospel of Christ, who is the image of God, should shine unto them." 

There is a reason why you do not see truly born again Christian celebrities out there. There is a reason why even the few "Christian" celebrities you see always are hobnobbing with the connected politicians and others. While I know a few normal people got books published, or maybe achieved degrees of notoriety in various avenues of achievement from medicine to academics, do you think any of the really big names in entertainment get that high up without endless compromises or in "selling out"? Do you think there would be ever one that would tell you the truth? Any truth tellers would lose their fame immediately. Sinead O'Connor who definitely is a lost person, still caught up in a Catholic flavored cult and singing songs to the "goddess", watched her career die, for daring to call out the Pope.

I am not going to get into every sickening detail here, there are websites like Vigilante Citizen which I believe have their own agenda that will show you literally hundreds if not thousands of black and white checkerboards, satanic salutes, and covered up one eye pictures til it forms a rewinding pattern of wickedness in your brain.

 I want my readers to seriously question the whole world of celebrity, and to step outside it. A lot of people in my regular life, find me odd, for my distrust of celebrities. I say "What is the big deal?" I still remember my days as a child, being taken to see a Pope forced to stand for hours in a crowd which is not easy at the age of 9-11, [can't remember the exact year] just because this mere human being was supposedly more special then others.

Frankly 2 Corinthians 4:4 tells us Satan is busy blinding this world, and well that is a given for most of my readers here, but realize how he is doing it, via the entertainment world, via these "mini-idols" that grab so much of the world's attention. 

The celebrity worship has gotten worse and far worse with each generation. While even in the 30s-50s, there were celebrities, and movies, things have changed in the last 50 years, people pattern their dress, their thinking, their goals, their desires after these celebrities. The younger the person the worse it is. This has gotten very severe.

I told a friend once before I often befriended older people because my own generation [outside of fellow Christians and a few independent thinkers] was so brainwashed by the entertainment world I couldn't take it anymore. So much of life is wasted honoring these celebrities, and well one way they can do a version of mind control over the whole world, is using them as mouth pieces which get the notice, the attention, the accolades as they spout off the same controlled mantras and psuedo-information. Ever notice ordinary people barely get a word in edge wise anymore on the official level? Remember too, life was far more localized too before the birth of modern radio and television and modern media.

What is interesting to me is while many people used to age out of celebrity worship and the constant litany of concerts, many do not today. Growing up used to mean setting aside the tattoos, rock concerts and other things aside-- not anymore!They are wrinkled and older now paying homage to the same people who deceived them in their teens. I noticed some months ago, with a relative I no longer have contact with, he is in his mid-50s, still bowing before the rock band Black Sabbath and this time taking his teenage son with him.

I had to think long and hard about doing this one. Put it off for months. It's hard to tell people how evil our world system is sometimes. I know my Duggar articles were upsetting enough to people, but even there my celebrity rules applied, why should I automatically trust some family that says it is Christian as they hang out with top politicians? Would a Christian family that really taught the gospel instead of the various vestiges of the culture wars and Republican politics ever be allowed on our TV screens? Think carefully about that one. The answer to that is No.

But once the veil is ripped off it all and you see how much is managed and used to deceive people, it tells you how multi-layered it all is and how the average lost person is being duped by Satan and His workers.  Facing this world as it really is often is not an easy thing. As Christians we have to grow up and admit, yes it really is that bad. And for unsaved family members and friends, this one is a tough one, for they are not "seeing" what we see. One fruit of salvation is breaking away from the confusion of this world.  Many people love these entertainers. They don't want to hear bad things about them. They can't imagine the real picture.

When you read and watch this stuff, think about how many people would think you are "crazy" for saying that so many celebrities have made deals with Satan. This is not just a matter of all these people being wicked, or deceived lost people but knowing or being trained for what they are a part of.

Celebrities are today's modern IDOLS. Don't they come out and basically say that?

How many do they have looking at celebrities instead of seeking after God?

Remember this article, it's a far older one... The Hold That Celebrity Preachers Have. The entertainment world helped set up the religious world delusion, where fame and whoever the crowd is following rules. The entertainment world perhaps was even set up from the start to centralize everything and certainly they followed this model to CENTRALIZE THE RELIGIOUS WORLD. People who are loved by the world are loved for a reason. Often we know celebrity preachers hang out with entertainment celebrities. That's a problem.

Certainly if you have been reading this blog long enough you have seen this overlap.

1 John 2:15-17

King James Version (KJV)

15 Love not the world, neither the things that are in the world. If any man love the world, the love of the Father is not in him.

16 For all that is in the world, the lust of the flesh, and the lust of the eyes, and the pride of life, is not of the Father, but is of the world.

17 And the world passeth away, and the lust thereof: but he that doeth the will of God abideth for ever.

One thing, I know the "entertainment" world is dangerous terrain, I have watched older movies, because some of them are more wholesome, but now there one has to be careful, surely some of those early celebs too even back to the 1930s and 50s were part of the "network".  Even back then actresses like Joan Crawford did a few movies celebrating adultery, though back then some morals still held sway over the populace. One thing I notice with the old movies, is people speak more of love, and are shown as more emotional. You can also see for yourself how absolutely dumbed down everything became with time.

Modern music, I've kicked it all to the side, even the non-overt stuff compared to the overt world of heavy metal music and other genres celebrates Satan. Does this mean all music is evil? No, but you better be discerning and realize they are sneaking stuff even into "lighter" versions of music..

Add this to the NEVER TRUST CELEBRITIES file. Why do I tell people that? Because I think more then ever, that Christians need to question celebrities, how many are used to direct or influence us? How much time and importance are they being given in one's life?  Those who look at People magazine with any level of awe are in trouble. I don't. I see them as just people who happen to have more plastic surgery, more money and may have better looks but appear more the same day by day, caught up in the machinery. They are not better then you or me though the world advances their idols as "better then normal humans". God is no respecter of persons.

With fame....Are there minor ones who are being duped? Are there average people who may get some fame via writing a book or being in the right or one may say the "wrong place" at the right time? Sure. A known name doesn't mean one is instantly evil or knowingly evil, but many of the majors know exactly what they are doing and why and how. One thing too, this world also advances all the fame telling people they only matter if they have "achieved" something in this world. I notice this on a lower level all the time. Their entire lives become about selling themselves.

However so many of the big names, one can tell they are caught up in a lot of bad stuff. Let's take Roseanne Barr for an example. Who would think that Roseanne, though obviously a lost soul, is into so many DARK things? Let's just say it straight, they got the overt types like Marilyn Manson and Black Sabbath, but plenty of COVERT TYPES too. Many seem like really nice people, even I used to think Bono was a nice singer and really wanted to help the world before I was born again,  but watch out!

[WARNING THIS VIDEO protrays someone discussing selling their soul to Satan]

Disgusting! Notice the laugh track, "ha ha ha", the audience or laugh track laughs, while she discusses selling her soul to Satan at the age of 12. That's horribly sad and distressing to watch. If you know about mind control and the use of it among Hollywood celebrities and the use of handlers, and or how they often focus on the young, there is nothing funny about this at all. Notice the black and red outfit too.

Some people think of the idea of someone selling their souls to Satan as being mere fantasy. Some may think when I write that many celebrities are literally sold out to Satan, that this is just a theoretical abstract statement, that in their desire for wealth and power, they have sold out to the "Illuminati" or in committing evil acts alone to scale up the ladder. No, many literally sell out or as children are sold out to Satan in each and every wicked way you can think possible. Now ask yourself why the audience laughs for every word she says. It's a way to tell you, "she's not serious, it's all a joke, to confuse", but she is dead serious in my opinion.

If you have ever heard the word "alters" before, Roseanne, has admitted having different personalities. I remember way back in 1994, her coming out and admitting she had multiple personalities and this was even talked about and reported later. [cite]

Now think this one out and Roseanne has been out there before warning about "mind control".You think she truly does this as a true independent? Or is this just another layer to the deception? I think it's another layer. If she is bragging about her pact with Satan on national TV shows, she hasn't tried to break away.

Years ago, I went to her blog. It is still a cacophony of hand signals, praise for the "goddess", and confusion. This isn't one who has broken free. [Her only true freedom would be being saved in Jesus Christ]

She admits her pact with the devil here again, [ and her involvement with the Kabbalists.

"While I was pregnant with my son Buck, and needed to stay calm in the middle of a hurricane, in order not to miscarry, I learned about Kabballistic meditation. Being able to marshal all of my will, all of my force, and all of my mind’s ability to focus helped me to stop being dissociative, as well as to successfully hang onto my pregnancy until it came full term, and said living boy was born. Because I wanted my son to come to earth and hang out with me so badly, I knew that I would have to travel back in time and undue an ill conceived agreement that took away from my power to be mindful and at peace. I called my Rabbi, Rav Berg"

Well given the degrees of mind control and other evil things out there, many do literally sell out to Satan. Remember when I have written, the powers that be often state for the clear viewing what they are up to knowing most will remain spiritually blind? Some may watch this and think "Oh Roseanne was that nice but overly baudy with a foul mouth  housewife that became a comedian and had a popular show!. Well that show, I remember seeing some segments back in the late 80s and early 90s. It definitely had social predictive programming to go with it. That show while it seemed to innocently present a working class American family had plenty of "messages" to go along with the show. I have to go way back to try but remember how she had the daughter move in her boyfriend to live together in the family home. The husband definitely was not the leader of the home, she was, and she treated the kids like objects. In my opinion that wasn't by accident.

I have just used Roseanne as one example but what other celebrities have just come out and admitted they made pacts with Satan either via their art or directly stated?

Here a litany of rap stars sing about it. {Warning on these videos, modern, evil, satanic music--I turned off the sound multiple times, worldly wicked people, ect}

Add Prince--who seems to never to age, Billy Joel, Bono and many's not just the
heavy rockers with Pentagrams displayed on the back of the stage. How many people still think U2 is a Christian band?

So when I say don't trust celebrities, I mean it. I don't. Even if they tell you they are Christians, that they "stand against the system". One needs to be careful. Even with minor celebrities, I am careful. 

Many of these celebrities have chosen this world over God. Selling out for the short days on earth, to be famous. Even within my own lifetime,many were famous for a time and disappeared never to be spoken of again. 

Psalm 90 KJV 90 Lord, thou hast been our dwelling place in all generations.

2 Before the mountains were brought forth, or ever thou hadst formed the earth and the world, even from everlasting to everlasting, thou art God.

3 Thou turnest man to destruction; and sayest, Return, ye children of men.

4 For a thousand years in thy sight are but as yesterday when it is past, and as a watch in the night.

5 Thou carriest them away as with a flood; they are as a sleep: in the morning they are like grass which groweth up.

6 In the morning it flourisheth, and groweth up; in the evening it is cut down, and withereth.

Do question the celebrity system and how it has been used. 


christian cerna said...

I know there are probably a lot of producers, actors, and musicians who consciously know what they are doing when they produce their trash. But I also think a lot of the media companies are ultimately thinking about the bottom line- money. I think the reason why the quality of movies and music has gone down, is because the media companies are in a hurry to create content for all of their TV and radio stations. There are so many TV and radio stations now adays, each competing for your attention, that they don't have time to produce quality shows anymore. Before there were only a handful of TV stations, and they would go off the air after midnight. But now there are hundreds of cable channels, and they are on air 24/7.

But really, what is so harmful about television and radio is not the content. It is the amount of time it takes from our lives. If we are not careful, we can find ourselves watching 8 hours of TV a day, or listening to the radio all day at work. That is time that would normally have been spent meditating, or conversing with our relatives and neighbors, or exercising, or studying for a career.

Anonymous said...

Yes, secular celebrities have all "made a deal".

But what about supposed "Christian" celebrities? Tell people that the Duck Dynasty people are in a cult called the "church of Christ" that teaches the false gospel of water baptism regeneration, and they'll hate you for saying it. Even though that false gospel leads to hell, they won't care. They love their Duck Dynasty.

Or Bob Dylan, how about him? He put out a "Christian album", so he must be okay, right? Wrong:

He says he made a bargain with the "chief commander" to get where he is. That interview doesn't sound to me like he means that the "chief commander" is Jesus Christ, and Jesus Christ doesn't require a "bargain" to become a rock star singing doped-up nonsensical lyrics.

Bible Believer said...

Yes there are plenty that know what they are doing. This doesn't mean all or even all of the lower levels or the guy who runs the camera or sweeps the lot or does paperwork for them. You are right about them being in a "hurry" though, I agree with you about that being one reason the quality has gone down. They are simply not taking the time anymore. Even those multi-million dollar movies are being pushed via the assembly line. One has to be careful of content definitely but you are right about the time taking away from lives. People shared more time together and conversation before television.

Bible Believer said...

I agree, many of them have made a deal. I no longer trust "Christian" celebrities at all. No truly saved Christian would be fooled by the Church of Christ. I came out of the RCC after being born again KNOWING NOTHING, except what God was showing me, and the Holy Spirit showed me within WEEKS, the Church of Christ, was just another one of those ecumenical false Protestant churches that copied the Catholic church, not with a wafer and altar this time but with the baptismal regeneration and more. I knew they were ecumenical because when I was studying the RCC interfaith movement, their name was plastered all over the place with the rest of the ecumenicals like United Methodist.

Hey it would be nice to see a born again Christian that is not part of a cult on TV, but it hasn't happened yet.

PROOF DUCK DYNASTY belongs to Church of Christ...,_family_and_ducks%3A_Behind_the_scenes_of_'Duck_Dynasty'

Their church they are on one of the banners...'s_Ferry_Road%3A_A_church_of_small_groups

Weird tattoo and weird symbols on the pulpit...

So many yes thought that Bob Dylan was a Christian too.

Noticing the cussing...[they bleeped the nasty cussword out]

and he is ranting and raving he is still a Christian using filthy language.

Check out the song too on there, "Gotta Serve Somebody" that someone posted.

Not an endorsement of Makow but has transcript...

He's marked himself with masonic symbols and all seeing eye and other lyrics...

".I heard Masonic references in certain songs.It's tough because he's such a good songwriter.For instance,from Time out of mind. 'Standing in the doorway':

'I'll eat when I'm hungry, drink when I'm dry
And live my life on the square'

Plus the symbol he uses now.The all seeing eye.Seems a bit obvious?"

I remember when everyone said Bono was a Christian, and some still do, the guy who makes no pause in hanging out with the Pope and global elite, and advancing the one world religion with the "Coexist" message.

Bible Believer said...

"Churches of Christ consistently teach that in baptism a believer surrenders his life in faith and obedience to God, and that God "by the merits of Christ's blood, cleanses one from sin and truly changes the state of the person from an alien to a citizen of God's kingdom. Baptism is not a human work; it is the place where God does the work that only God can do."[60]:66 Baptism is a passive act of faith rather than a meritorious work; it "is a confession that a person has nothing to offer God".[61]:112

While Churches of Christ do not describe baptism as a "sacrament", their view of it can legitimately be described as "sacramental".[59]:186[60]:66 The term, "sacrament" comes from the Latin, sacramentum which means "a thing set apart as holy".[62] The New Testament does not differentiate certain acts of obedience from others as to bestow a special sort of grace. An Augustinian cleric, Hugo of St. Victor (1096-1141) from Italian Catholicism is responsible for classifying seven "sacraments".[62] They see the power of baptism coming from God, who chose to use baptism as a vehicle, rather than from the water or the act itself,[59]:186 and understand baptism to be an integral part of the conversion process, rather than as only a symbol of conversion.[59]:184 A recent trend is to emphasize the transformational aspect of baptism: instead of describing it as nothing more than a legal requirement or sign of something that happened in the past, it is seen as "the event that places the believer 'into Christ' where God does the ongoing work of transformation".[60]:66 There is a minority that downplays the importance of baptism in order to avoid sectarianism, but the broader trend is to "reexamine the richness of the biblical teaching of baptism and to reinforce its central and essential place in Christianity".[60]:66

Because of the belief that baptism is a necessary part of salvation, some Baptists hold that the Churches of Christ endorse the doctrine of baptismal regeneration.[63] Members of the Churches of Christ reject this, arguing that since faith and repentance are necessary, and that the cleansing of sins is by the blood of Christ through the grace of God, baptism is not an inherently redeeming ritual.[58]:133[63][64]:630,631 One author describes the relationship between faith and baptism this way, "Faith is the reason why a person is a child of God; baptism is the time at which one is incorporated into Christ and so becomes a child of God" (italics are in the source).[43]:170 Baptism is understood as a confessional expression of faith and repentance,[43]:179–182 rather than a "work" that earns salvation.[43]:170"

Anonymous said...

This is a timely post. I was just thinking how the whole entertainment industry is so twisted. Taylor Swift was in LA and little girls dressed in make up and little - literally little - outfits go to her concert. This morning Miley Cyrus is all over Facebook doing her vulgar twerking dance. People say they are so disgusted but they share the video so much that she gets even more people to see it. My friend's kid went off to college this weekend and only a couple days there a roommate is bringing home a guy she just met and she cant get into her room because they're having sex. Celebrities are all part of the system. They are used to destroy values and decency.

Anonymous said...

Wow, what a post about the "Church of Christ" stand on water baptism. They go into intense labor to say "you'd better do it to be saved, but it's not a work, it's God working through you". What garbage. It is truly a cult. They try and play the same trick which the catholic cult tries to play.

Anonymous said...

Agree totally. 100%! It’s strange, but I’ve been thinking the same thing recently. I rarely watch TV, but I do watch movies that I take out from my library. I stick with older movies, because there is far less objectionable material, and the dialog and plots are a lot more intelligent. However I’ve been noticing things I never did before, creepy things that show that Hollywood is really is “Hollywood Babylon” as it has been called.

I just happened to have recently viewed two old, seemingly lighthearted movies, with well-liked actors, and yet each one had symbolism in it that I actually noticed!

The first was: Sinbad the Sailor (1947) starring Douglas Fairbanks, Jr. and Maureen O’Hara.
Wikipedia says “The story begins with Sinbad (Douglas Fairbanks, Jr.) regaling a group of travelers around a night-time campfire.” What it doesn’t say is that Sinbad also shows everyone his talisman pendant, which features an inverted pentagram on it! I turned the movie off and was flabbergasted.

The other movie I believe was: Shipmates (1931) starring Robert Montgomery. A romantic comedy about a guy in the Navy…and near the end of the film, there is a scene where an Admiral (I think) carries a folded American Flag over his arm in a ceremony…yet there seems to be only one enormous star on it…and it is also inverted! It was so blatant, in-your-face, and about the military (who is controlling it?).

I have a new attitude now about the “good old movie days”. Also, there were many wicked, scandalous movies made in Hollywood before the decency code was enforced, so nothing has really changed. I think Hollywood and Television have long been entertainment tools to mesmerize us. Aka Alert

Bible Believer said...

Yes even with old movies, one has to be careful. Things may be less overtly raunchy but one thing I noticed is they were prepping people even by the 30s and 50s for what would come later. I like to watch some old movies too but we have to be careful and discerning. That is horrible you saw some occult symbols right off, I know I have seen odd masonic symbols even in some of those old 30s dance numbers, twin pillars, in one they had this woman--forget the name of the movie, but it was a huge VERY early movie dance number with dozens of dancers, it was about this woman who falls in love with this boxer, and she is a dancer from the 1930s and they showed her in this get up, where she had this giant hat on her head, you know kind of like the wizard cone hats Disney puts on the step mother and daughters in Cinderalla, and she had two of them sticking to each side like horns!You are right there wicked and scandalous movies to avoid, even from those eras! I like to stick with non-fiction too when it comes to TV or entertainment but even there you have to avoid the overall agendas and brainwashing.

Maria Esclava said...

You guys should watch the movie "Now You See Me". It is one of the most blatant pro Illuminati movies I have ever seen.

Anonymous said...

I have noticed this trend in music, especially country music. I don't listen to any music but I ride around a lot with my sister. We go grocery shopping together and what have you.
My sister, who is not saved, always listens to country music. I couldn't help but notice that a lot of the songs mention Chevy trucks in them. After listening to them, I thought I just listened to a 3 minute Chevy truck advertisement disguised as a country song.
This made me wonder how many other songs have this in it. There are a lot of songs through the years that mention Chevy and I find it all very odd.
We have everyone from Snoop Dogg to Elton John doing this.

Eric Clapton mentions Chevy in, "I've Got A "Rock n' Roll Heart"
Motley Crue mentioned Chevy in, "Dr. Feelgood"
Snoop Dogg has a song called, "Ridin' in My Chevy"
Elton John mentioned it in,"Crocodile Rock" in 1972
Taylor Swift mentioned Chevy in her song, "Tim McGraw"
Alan Jackson in the song, "Chattahoochie"
Florida Georgia Line in their song, "Cruis"
Jason Aldean in his song, "Take a Little Ride"
Brantley Gilbert in the song, "Back in the Day"
Luke Bryan in his song, "Chevrolet"
Little Texas in, “Amy's Back in Austin”
Trace Adkins in, “Chrome”
Trace Adkins(again) in, “Fightin' Words”
George Strait in his song, “Everytime It Rains”
Kenny Chesney, “Fall in Love”
Kenny Chesney(again) in, “I Go Back”
Wynonna Judd in, “Girls with Guitars”
Rascal Flatts, “Here's to You"
Dierks Bentley in, “I Can Only Think of One”

It just goes on and on, Dwight Yoakam, Tracy Lawrence, Deana Carter, Tracy Byrd.
The list goes into the hundreds; country, rap, rock, pop, all across the board but country is just saturated.

My sister and her husband listen to country all day and they will just about fight you over Chevy being the best brand. They have no idea how they have been brainwashed into defending, praising and worshipping a truck.

I wonder if these "artists" get any money from the company for advertising their brand in their songs.
It's actually disturbing once you start looking into this. It is like Chevy owns the music industry.

FaithGuy3 said...

Beware of these "Christians" like Kirk Cameron as well!

IMHO, Cameron seems to be on the MK Ultra Mind Control program as well. If anything, he seems to be advertised as someone who's completely left the secular movie industry, and is in the ministry.

Ultimately, can anyone honestly say that Cameron has lost his popularity since his "Growing Pains" years? Not really. He just went from one reprobate industry(Hollywood entertainment), to another("Christian" entertainment).

Kathy said...

I was surprised to hear an interview with Bono by Focus on the Family, an organization heavily promoted by my former church system. Focus on the Family, from what I understand, labels Bono as a Christian, disregarding the fact that this musician speaks new age terminology rather than with Biblical authority. I have lost respect for Focus on the Family as they preach another gospel, promoting nationalism above the crose of Jesus Christ.

Anonymous said...

My husband, who is not saved, likes Duck Dynasty. They had a Halloween special in Oct. They made the warehouse into a Halloween maze, dressing up as zombies and stuff to scare the kids, and the whole nine yards.

Last year for Christmas they had one of them dress up as Santa in their church and give out presents to the kids. It was an odd thing for me to see Santa sitting on the stage at church, Santa being the center of attention in a church.

They have an episode on "I am Second".
It's very moving. I was disappointed that Phil Robertson, after turning from a life of drinking and lawlessness, turned to Jesus - said that he was now going to make a valiant effort to be good.

I thought it disappointing that he basically said that the effort to be good was his doing. Not Jesus working in him, changing him. I mentioned to my husband watching this that we can't make ourselves be 'good'. That is the changing work of the Holy Spirit - we cannot do it without him.

The gospel message these days is so man-centered. They make it all about us and how we change ourselves.

Anonymous said...

Your disturbing video about the Satanic control of the music and movie industry, (one might also add the fashion industry as in 'The Devil Wears Prada') should remind us of one central Biblical truth. The Devil is the Prince of this world as the Lord Jesus Christ told us. Not only do we have him as our adversary (the accuser of the Brethren) but we are actually on his territory. There isn't an inch of space in this world that can be regarded as spiritually neutral; either it is claimed for Jesus Christ or it belongs to Satan. The media regards this position as extremist and hysterical. 'Fundamentalist' is the new F-word. (The term fundamentalist was used by the great theologian WW Warfield to distinguish his own conservative theology from that of the heretical modernists.) But consider. Every revival in the Reformed churches (in the US, third world) has come with a mighty outpouring of the Holy Spirit. Men and women (sometimes even godly men and women) were convicted of sin before a holy God. They fell on their knees on the sidewalk, sometimes even BEFORE they had reached their meeting halls. Hardened sinners repented and accepted Christ as their personal Saviour. This happened in Wales in 1906-1907. People abandoned their places of entertainment, such as the burlesque shows and saloons and movie theaters, and came joyfully to Bible meetings. As Dr. Martyn-Lloyd Jones says in his book 'Revival', in all these times Christian men and women believed in the Bible as the infallible word of God. They submitted themselves to the absolute authority of the Bible. They did not set themselves up as judges of the Holy Scriptures as the liberal churches do. And this enabled them to preach the cross of Christ and above all the blood of Christ. They had no fear in telling a sinful world that it was under the wrath of God. The wrath of God was in no way incompatible with the love of God. And a sick world stopped and listened to them as they preached the Gospel. General Booth of the Salvation Army said he wished the men and women in his service could go to Hell for a day, and then return to tell lost sinners what they had seen of damnation. This is the 500th anniversary of the birth of John Knox, the great Scottish reformer. John had such fear of God that he had no fear at all of men. We must follow his example today. Our message must be ... COME OUT FROM YOUR SINS AND GET INTO CHRIST. 'REPENT YE AND BELIEVE THE GOSPEL.' (JACK HAGGERTY, GLASGOW, SCOTLAND, UNITED KINGDOM.)

Bible Believer said...

Thanks for your agreement about the Satanic role of the music and movie industry. Yes the devil is the prince of this world.

Be careful of the REFORMED churches. I don't know what they are like in Scotland but all the Presbyterian/Reformed churches here in America are ecumenical with Rome. There is maybe one or two offshoot denominations that are NOT. They belong to every Romanist organization for churches possible. Calvin was a false preacher. I have warned about him on various articles.

I have not studied much about Knox. Was he a follower of Calvin?

Anonymous said...

In my comment February 24 I refer to WW Warfield. My mistake. His name is BB Warfield (1851-1921). One of the greatest of Reformed theologians, Mr Warfield taught for many years at Princeton Seminary. His devotion to Jesus Christ, during a dark time when weak men abandoned the faith, drew many students to his Christian lectures. His brilliant short book, THE SAVIOUR OF THE WORLD, has been republished by the Banner of Truth. Visit the Banner of Truth online. A recent Banner publication, EVANGELICAl HOLINESS by Iain H Murray, is warmly recommended. Iain Murray is author of the new single-volume biography of the late Dr Martyn Lloyd-Jones, a book that all supporters of GALATIANS 4 will want to read ... The harvest is great and the labourers are few. Thanks. Jack Haggerty.

Anonymous said...

To answer the comment from my brother, 'Bible Believer'. John Knox was not a follower of Calvin. He was a follower of Jesus Christ. Knox visited Geneva on more than one occasion and learned much from Calvin's preaching. Calvin forbade his friends to use the term 'Calvinist'. It was never his aim to impose a 'system' of his own on fellow Protestants. He stood under the infallible word of God as revealed in Holy Scriptures. Calvin admitted that he could be hard with those who disagreed with him. He repented every day for his sins and shortcomings. Remember, he was an embattled figure. He had many enemies in Geneva, especially the Libertines. And Rome would have burnt him alive if they could have got their hands on him. His body was wracked with illness. He knew deep grief after the death of his infant son and then his wife. Why not read Calvin's Institutes? Begin with his sermons on the Gospel of John, published by Eerdmans. Try and hunt down a book called SPURGEON V. HYPER-CALVINISM: THE BATTLE FOR GOSPEL PREACHING by Iain H Murray (Banner of Truth 2002). This is a very well researched account of the Baptist preacher Charles Spurgeon and his struggle with the extreme Calvinists (hyper Calvinists or 'system' Calvinists) in the 19th century. Listen to the sermons on YouTube of the late Arthur W Pink especially THE NATURE OF APOSTASY (5 parts). In his lifetime Arthur Pink also fell out with the hyper-Calvinists. You are of course 100 per cent correct about the ecumenical movement. Have nothing to do with it. Be very public in your denunciation of it. Hold your Bible high in the air and condemn all those who whore after Rome. Rome hasn't changed as John MacArthur demonstrates in his YouTube lecture. Rome wears a thousand different faces. Just look at the article on this website, Galatians 4, on the two Popes who embraced the neo-Hindu antichrist Sri Chinmoy. Rome claims it alone can interpret, and indeed reinterpret, the Holy Scriptures to suit itself. My own hope lies in encouraging Roman Catholics to attend Reformed Protestant church services. Catholics need our prayers and they need to hear the truth of Sola Scriptura. Only this can break the hold the Pope has over them. As soon as I discovered the preaching of Francis Schaeffer and Martyn Lloyd-Jones, I knew that the Reformation was the work of God, the great turning-point in history. Jack Haggerty.

Anonymous said...

I saw the Lego movie with the kids this weekend.

There's an evil character on stilts with red horns and fire coming out them terrorizing everyone getting ready to destroy the world.

There's a christ-like character with white hair who is in charge of a piece that can save the world. The evil character easily overcomes the 'christ-like' character to get this piece. Later in the movie the evil character kills the christ-like character. The christ-like character's voice is Morgan Freeman who played god in the movie Bruce Almighty, so you also get the god connection with the voice.

The god character comes to the hero as a ghost to help him and the evil guy turns good. Interesting to see how easily the christ-like character succumbs to the evil one.

Kimberly Best said...

Thats stupid. Saying its not the that case its not the Content of the Bible but the time spent reading it. Get real and pray God you wake up.

Anonymous said...

This is the most well written and well thought out review of what the entertainment industry is really about. So many write and speak of far-fetched, ridiculous, unbelievable accusations and stories. I believe they do so to convince most "intelligent" people that any facts or opinions expressing these ideas about Hollywood are just plain crazy. Bravo for this article!!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the interesting article. There's so much proof of this that it's impossible to deny their paying homage to Lucifer at every turn.

To those who are bashing the church of Christ or baptism, you're hypocrites. The Duck Dynasty guys are members of an institutional church of Christ who misuses its treasury. They may be good people, but that's where it ends.

Let's debunk this "baptism work" regeneration nonsense. Belief is a work. Repenting and changing is a physical and mental work. Confessing the Lord before men is a work. The person who taught you the word was doing a work. All of these are a part of faith, and are works. However, they ARE NOT the "works of the flesh" or meritorious works mentioned throughout the NT. Every mention of these so called works were comparison to the old law. Mostly in Heb, Gal and Romans. YOu abuse hermaneutics and context by claiming baptism is work. Would someone deny we have to obey God's word and actually do the things He says? Denominations love to hold up John 3:16 as the end all, but keep reading to the end of the chapter. God demands OBEDIENCE.

When the Jews asked what must we do to be saved, the very next command is to be baptized for(eis) the remission of their sins. They witnessed a miracle of tongue speaking and clearly believed in Christ now, yet they had to DO more? Since they believed, why weren't they born again yet? Acts 2:38 is clear; the Apostles commanded them to repent and be baptized FOR(eis) the remission of their sins. Their belief in Christ did not blot out their sins. Repentance and immersion into his death, burial and resurrection did (Rom 6, Gal 3). Let's look at Paul, he was struck blind by Christ, which clearly made Paul believe He was the son of God. Yet he was still blind and had to go all the way to Damascus before he was healed and born again, AFTER he was immersed INTO Christ. In every case of conversion in the NT the believer hears the word, repents and is baptized in water, THEN they rejoyced. It's not even up for debate that it was practiced. Even early 2nd and 3rd century writers like Eusebius, Tertullian and Martyr wrote about baptism.

Christ commanded his deciples to teach the gospel to every living creature, baptizing them in His name. By ignoring context and saying baptism is an outward sign of an inward grace, or a literal work, you deny Christ's direct command to all disciples. I say this out of love because this simple what the NT teaches. No first time reader of the Bible would come up with the theory that baptism is just a sign or unimportant practice; that is a doctrine of men. You can take your arguments up with, or going one step higher, Christ, since he commanded it in the great commission.

TruthVigilantee said...

The Church of Christ IS a cult. We are not saved by works. We are saved by grace. We are not saved by baptism, but by God. It is God working in our hearts that leads us to repentance, regeneration, and salvation through Him. Water baptism is simply an outward manifestation of what took place already on the inside. You don't need it to be saved, the thief on the cross was saved without it. It's the condition of the heart, repenting and turning to God for salvation, our will yielding to His. When I did that I DID get the Holy Spirit baptism too. It is real. It's not whack. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

The churches of Christ are NOT a cult. There is a group of false churches out there that deliberately have a deceptively similar name. They are called the "UNITED Churches Of Christ." THEY are a cult. Not to be confused with the real church of Christ.

LovelyLady said...

I have been born again for 20 years exactly. I was super shocked in 2011, when I first began doing research on the Illuminati(which at the time I thought was by accident as I was googleing info about something else). I was shocked to learn about Freemasonry, the Illuminati and all the celebs who sold their souls for fame and fortune. Of course the goings on of Bohemian Grove were also quite shocking and appalling.

We have to pray for these lost souls. God is being patient with them, just as he is with his own children, as he's not willing for any of us to perish. Part of the good news is that even though we shouldn't watch just any movie or tv show, or listen to just any song with any message, we cannot lose our salvation from it.

I'm not saying we should condone these celebrities decision to have and honor their pact with Satan, the one's of them who have made one that is. But let us remember Jesus words to the Jews about his people in John 10:28 "And I give unto them eternal life; And they SHALL NEVER PERISH. NO ONE can pluck them out of my hand."

What me must do is keep ourselves from idols and only worship The Lord. Never follow or practice heresy or turn away from The Lord to the right or to the left. If we remain in Christ, Christ will remain in us. Yahweh bless! :)

Dr. kold_kadavr_flatliner, MD, the sub/dude said...

No matter how hard you try to please him
or to what great lengths you try to honor him,
Satan will still LIE, LIE, LIE to lead you downtown
with promises of wealth and sex…
where you shall find in actuality starvation, thirst, heat, torture…

“But… but… didn’t I worship you
and give you all the glory??” you’ll say.
Satan will say to you at your judgment,
when you’re finally cast-away from God for your works,
“Fool, why am I called the LIAR??”

Repent and believe in the One, True God
Who’ll give unto thee everything for
the length and breadth of eternity.
Only one Way, girl, and that’s straight up,
never down.

I, too, am a sinner who’s mortal, yet,
I have accepted Jesus. Will you?

Dr. kold_kadavr_flatliner, MD, the sub/dude said...

No matter how hard you try to please him
or to what great lengths you try to honor him,
Satan will still LIE, LIE, LIE to lead you downtown
with promises of wealth and sex…
where you shall find in actuality starvation, thirst, heat, torture…

“But… but… didn’t I worship you
and give you all the glory??” you’ll say.
Satan will say to you at your judgment,
when you’re finally cast-away from God for your works,
“Fool, why am I called the LIAR??”

Repent and believe in the One, True God
Who’ll give unto thee everything for
the length and breadth of eternity.
Only one Way, girl, and that’s straight up,
never down.

I, too, am a sinner who’s mortal, yet,
I have accepted Jesus. Will you?

Stephen said...

Just dropped in after seeing some 'satanic' cult org wants to plant a statue in Detroit, though do not know how long ago that was. REgardless, finding the comments very refreshing and it is just plain GOOD to see folks discussing matters that no one around me seem to be aware , e.g. The Catholic 'cult'...they do fit the definition of a cult. Unless you believe in theri transubstantiation you are not allowed to take the Eucharist (though you have to be 'in' first). Sadly, they have confused substitute with transubstantiation. ..but in stead of calling it transubstituion it is what that call it, but either way it's just a line of superstition. They have such power in the world do, it's utterly amazing to witness..actually saw on a Catholic website that that Church is the Narrow path. WHat the?? Surely? Be glad you are less than..for he who is 'the least of these' will be greatest in the kingdom of heaven (greatest in number I suspect)... In regard to the other stuff about other churches..there is rarely a perfect church..the Lord knows your trials...penetrate the darkness and be a beacon of hope and 'be not touched by the unclean thing' but strong in The Faith that is of the Lord in Christ our Saviour and Rock. Which brings up another h ot topic, how can Peter possibly be the Rock?..when this is clearly spelled out back in Psalms? It's bizarre.

Stella Beya said...

I know how hard it is to know all this. I deal with the same thing and people do look at you as being crazy but God has a purpose for us and in the end He is worth it. Keep sharing and shedding light!! You are doing a great job and helping people more than you know. God bless!

Bible Believer said...

Stephan, I have articles exposing the Catholic church on this blog, it is a cult and the Catholic Mass is witchcraft. They twist and ignore scripture. Yes people do look at people who know the truth about the Catholic church and more as crazy. Welcome to the blog Stella. God bless to you too.

J-Man said...

I know deana carter shes a strong Christian and so is brantley

Panashe Machila said...

Keep on saving souls the end is near

Jon Cappucci said...

So what if there may or may not be symbolism or satanic references. Just because you watch it doesn't mean your worshipping Satan. I used to be into all this Illuminati shit but honestly I think a lot of stuff people point out are paranoid and ever since heating about it all they can do is associate certain symbols and motifs with Satan. Sometimes you all are going a little over the edge with the assumptions lol. Sounding of course crazy. I know you all hate that but it's true. That goes without saying I too believe in the Two and Satan in the entertainment far as selling your soul...a lot if that is blown out of proportion. It happens but for fucks sake not every celebrity sold their soul. That goes for musicians and other forms of artist too like gimme a break here guys. Like oh shit their wearing all black and red. Must he worshipping the devil. Thats too far haha. I found a lot of thus too be far fetched but some of it to be certainly true. You don't need to live your life pointing out all the symbols and being all up in arms about itm the world will end and God I'll come. Just live your life and ignore it. The Illuminati isn't a secret anymore slowly found utsvway in many homes like a their in the night. We ever saw it coming. Just calm down dudes. Lol. Chill.

Kevin Delosreyes said...

If the Catholic Church is a cult, do you have any proof that they twist scripture? Catholicism was started by Jesup himself.

Kevin Delosreyes said...

It's a pretty blasphemous comment you have there. Do you have any proof that the Catholic Church twisted scripture? You know it was the church that was started by Jesus himself.

Sue Botchie said...

Dear Kevin, i understand the first churches were independent of each other, and dependent only on Christ. The Catholic church is a government playing worship. Kevin, i've attended two-hour masses, and the Lord Jesus had five minutes of air-time, if that. The whole thing was like a variety show, where several "saints" (departed human beings) were the main feature. As for the Bible, the gaudy-dressed show-host (priest) gave a short reading...uhm, like three minutes worth. And the sermon wasn't much longer. Something just ain't right with the all-glitz, and virtually no preaching the Gospel.

Debby Amos said...

Article written in August 25, 2013
Why is it still getting passed around? There should be an update.

unisus said...

Israel is Azrael, the angel of death; angels are groups of people. Colonies. The devil is, it seems, Israel. The country is divorcing itself from humanity to start its own species through racial bias by advocating faith-based marriage through bloodline inheritance. Hollywood seems to be prime real estate for demoralizing the world to turn them into brokenhearted, exploitativs, self hating consumers. That is, the devil Israel can expand himself above humanity by tricking the outsiders of the Israeli bloodlines to competing and superficially using one another while remaining in allegiance and defense to their intelligence. The idols are dolls to worship to forget God so that Israel can remain the only strong united group with personal morals; power in numbers.

unisus said...

I've witnessed the devil worshippers first hand claiming Jesus; they have no spirituality, and lie lie lie. Seriously. Everytime; even playing offended you don't believe them and making threats. That is their modus operandi.

unisus said...

They almost always sell their soul; a long matrix of business men running airwaves, and international Israeli affairs. Celebrities sleep with producers and sign enormously unfair contracts that will require then to be puppets to a huge extent, making art they are guided to making. They lose their freedom and soul for fame. It's no joke

LovelyLady said...

"Christian Celebrity" is obviously an oxymoron. There's no such thing because clearly those who run the entertainment industry hate Christ and all about gay rights not God's rights. Even those who are up and coming celebrities are getting in on the act. "Christian celebrities" all hate real Christians and consider us "closed minded bigots" for not supporting gay marriage and life, or for not lying to gay people and telling them that their lifestyle is okay and won't lead them to destruction. Real Christians know better and are out to please God and do His will, not deceive the masses so they can remain "relevant" in this wicked, perverse generation.

Unknown said...

Wow! I agree with you100% it is amazing how people are being deceived by these celebrities.

Anonymous said...

Winston Churchill said something that I loved: "The truth never goes out, save with a bodyguard of lies". I realize now that he meant that _he_ and his kind never send the truth out without corrupting it with lies, protecting a lying system from the consequences of truth, but I still think it's pretty accurate about what happens to the truth in this world. When I first heard that expression, I thought it meant that when the truth goes out, a "bodyguard" of lies forms around it, closing ranks to protect the pervasive lies from being seen for what they are by the light of truth. This subject is one that is very difficult to disentangle the truth from the lies. It would be easier to do if all of the exposes were coming from the side of truth, telling nothing but truth, but they simply aren't. If discernment sites are suffering from corruption of the truth, so are music and entertainment expose "ministries". The effect of this is that by exaggerating the problem, it basically discredits the true observations and the true dangers of the entertainment industry, and after they are discredited,no one takes the valid warnings seriously. This is probably why figures like Beyonce are so open about those signs and symbols. Once the criticisms are discredited, people will identify with Beyonce, etc, all the more, and if she makes signs to Satan, who are these hypocrites who love salacious accusations to criticize her? By making us appear to love evil gossip, we are left holding a smoking gun. No matter that we believed it because we were concerned about something that is real and even palpably evil, and that the gossip seemed to explain the damaging stuff. The fact is that we need to beware of Trojan horses, things served up on silver platters to supposedly enlighten us. There's truth in all if that,but it's hopelessly enmeshed in lies,a and when we buy it outright, the whole package, guess who is left holding the bag? It isn't even just us; it makes the Lord bear that defamation, even though it is really unfair. Entertainment is enough of a stronghold of Satan that we should not expect that we could exposé it so that it would have way to truth.

mj Lopez said...

Believing in Jesus dying on the cross for our remission of sins is a faith, based on a bible believing action from the repentant Christian that knows our salvation comes from the blood of Christ on the cross, He shed his blood as a willing sacrifice to the Father out of obedience.
Obedience to Jesus is what any right minded Christian should do, but we are mortal and do still sin, knowingly or not. I still have a struggle with sins that i know are not approving to the Lord, but i do them anyway, it's a struggle between flesh and spirit, it will be until the day i die, i cannot help it, We are a fallen race of people who are like sheep gone astray. We need to hear the Shepherd's voice calling us back into the fold. i am non-denominational by choice, and have gone to John MacArthur's Grace Community church in Sun Valley, and i can say he is a good pastor that believes in a Bible based Church. i live in Hawaii, and attend various like minded churches. i get a better feel for the smaller more intimate churches, that way the fellowship is much more personal, instead of " oh hi, see you next sunday and sit by yourself" kind of thing. we need fellowship, we need more pastors not afraid to talk about hell, gay rights, idolatry,and satanism that is so prevalent today. we need Jesus Christ most of all, and we need Him now...maranatha, Jesus come soon.

Kathie Stephenson said...

Thank you for your testimony and post. Jesus is the Lord and we must pray for revival to come again.

LK said...

It was partly because of all the satanism in the entertainment industry that I found Jesus. I had to question... if so many people were selling their themselves, and getting into the occult and demons etc..., perhaps the bible was true.

Bible Believer said...

I am not surprised LK,I asked myself why are things that way too and with the global elite. A lot of conspiracy is used for control, but there's enough showing forth, to make it clear they follow an obvious path of darkness why?

Heather Noelle said...

BB- it's so bad they have even gotten Luciferian symbols mixed into cartoons geared towards very small children. Today two of my kids came to tell me that they had on the "new" Bob the Builder, and it featured a golden ziggurat with two obelisks that had the Eye of Horus. In a children's cartoon. We have seen similar things in Spongebob (a nod to Crowley) and other shows. I hate Hollywood too, I have a lot of distrust for all of it, including the so called Christian stars. I try to be around it as little as possible.

I often wonder what that symbol of Horus will be used for someday. It is everywhere. Even to be programming the smallest children, to get used to it. I have tried to talk to a few people about it... I've been chuckled at and told "it's just a trend". Yep, a 4500 year old trend.